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Shopper snags jaw-dropping kitchen bargain at thrift store: 'I audibly gasped'

"Just beautiful, isn't it? Brand new with tag still on the bottom."

“Just beautiful, isn’t it? Brand new with tag still on the bottom."

Photo Credit: iStock

One Redditor just demonstrated how smart thrift store shopping really is by snagging a Le Creuset baking dish at Goodwill for under $20.

They celebrated the purchase with a post on r/ThriftStoreHauls, a subreddit where members share photos and stories about the most interesting and valuable items they've bought secondhand

This isn't the first time that high-end items like Le Creuset bakeware have turned up in these posts, which is one of the reasons so many people spend their time combing thrift store shelves.

Le Creuset
Photo Credit: u/ssolodolo / Reddit
Le Creuset
Photo Credit: u/ssolodolo / Reddit

"Look at this find!" the original poster said, attaching several photos of a pristine baking pan and lid. "Just beautiful, isn't it? Brand new with tag still on the bottom. Best cookware find for myself."

That tag identified the item as a cerise 4.5 quart deep covered baker, suitable for roasts and baking bread. It retails for $160 on Amazon, but the price sticker on the one that this Redditor found sets its price at $18.99 — just 12% of the original value.

Saving money is the number one benefit of buying secondhand, as even completely unused items in perfect condition tend to sell for much less than they would cost at the store. This also means that ordinary shoppers get access to high-end items they wouldn't be able to afford otherwise.

A good deal for shoppers is also a good deal for the planet. Reusing items and buying secondhand reduces the need to manufacture new products, leading to less energy and resources being used. It also keeps the old products in circulation and out of landfills.

Commenters were envious of the Redditor's luck. "I audibly gasped, what a find!" said one user.

"The thrift stores near me always have garbage," said a second Redditor. "What store did you get that [at]?"

"I found this in a Goodwill," replied the original poster. "Honestly, it's just about being consistent in my opinion. If you develop a routine and go at that time on that day every week, or multiple days if you can, you will increase your chances of finding things like this."

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