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Homeowner baffled by neighbor's petty threat over lawn amid drought: '​​He needs to mind his own business'

"I bet your yard is A-OK."

"I bet your yard is A-OK."

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In Texas today, lawn care ought to be the least of anyone's worries. Worldwide air pollution that traps heat in Earth's atmosphere has led to rising temperatures and lasting drought in already-dry regions.

A water-guzzling lawn that doesn't produce food or support local ecosystems should be a low priority in these circumstances, and many people have switched to money- and time-saving alternatives like letting native plants grow.

Some homeowners, however, are under pressure to maintain a manicured turf grass lawn at all times. One Texas homeowner was stunned by a neighbor's petty lawn complaint and the threat that accompanied it.

"I have lived in my house for 2.5 years. It's just me, my 90 pound dog, and two indoor cats," said the female Redditor. "About a year ago my neighbors Steve and Beth moved in with their 9YO son."

According to the Redditor, Steve was taller than her six-foot-tall privacy fence and was in the habit of poking his head over to chat. "Yesterday was a work-from-home day for me and I was out back with my dog getting some fresh air between meetings. Steve was in his backyard," she said. "Apparently he had been mowing his lawn and asked if I was 'ever going to get around to' mowing my lawn."

"Now my lawn is not crazy long," the Redditor clarified. "We live in Texas and don't get much rain; coupled with watering restrictions, there just isn't much to keep up with."

Nevertheless, when she told Steve her mowing schedule, he insisted she drop everything to mow right that moment because she "didn't look busy." When told that she was working that day, he called her lazy and threatened to notify the homeowner's association.

An HOA report is a surprisingly serious threat for such a minor issue. HOAs can issue fines and, in extreme cases, have even foreclosed on homes over minor yard problems.

"I told him a day wouldn't make a difference and if it bothered him so much he was free to mow my lawn for me," said the Redditor, who was left wondering if she was in the wrong.

"I'm also in Texas, and currently the only yards that truly need mowing are the yards where the owners are breaking drought watering laws," pointed out one commenter. "I bet your yard is A-OK."

"He needs to mind his own business," said another user.

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