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Mom shares useful hack for keeping your garbage disposal fresh and clean: 'Deodorizes any funky smells'

"This is what we tell new homeowners."

"This is what we tell new homeowners."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Though garbage disposals are convenient for getting rid of leftover food scraps, constant use can lead to buildup that creates funky smells in your kitchen. 

Thankfully, TikToker Nicole (@kalejunkie) has shared an easy cleaning tip for keeping sinks smelling fresh with some typical household ingredients: lemons and vinegar. 

The scoop

Nicole's mixture of white vinegar and lemon peels frozen into ice cubes is the perfect, all-natural garbage disposal cleaner. 

"The vinegar removes any buildup, keeping the blades nice and sharp, and the lemon deodorizes any funky smells," she mentions

First, chop a used lemon into small pieces. Then, place the bits of lemon peel into an ice cube tray and top with white vinegar. Once frozen, throw a few cubes into the garbage disposal and let it run. 

@kalejunkie Got a stinky sink? Try this! #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks #sustainability #lemons ♬ original sound - Nicole K. Modic

How it's helping

Plumbing experts advise against using harsh chemicals to clean disposals as they can cause damage to a garbage disposal's blades and pipes over time.

"Ice cubes help break up any food stuck to the disposal," said Eric Schultz, product management director at InSinkErator, "and [the] lemon provides a bit of freshness." 

Other disposal cleaning hacks have circulated the internet, but certain methods using ice cubes may prove harmful to your plumbing.  

Not only do homemade cleaners save you some cash, but skipping store-bought cleaning products also gives our planet a little breather. Even "green" cleaning options can still be packed with chemicals that aren't as friendly to your health or the Earth. 

Tried-and-true cleaning agents like vinegar and lemon are eco-friendly alternatives to chemical-laden products that can save you money and keep harmful substances out of the environment. 

The simple, multi-purpose cleaning solution can also be used for cleaning all over the kitchen and beyond, from cutting board stain remover to dust-preventing furniture polish

What everyone's saying

Other TikTok users expressed their love for the lemon-vinegar cleaning combo in the video's comment section.

"Lemon and vinegar are perfection! Great tip mama!" one user comments.

"Pro builder tip! This is what we tell new homeowners at pre-closing orientation... and never ever pour bleach into your disposal/drains to deodorize!" another user adds. 

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