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Shopper stunned after opening zipper of purse purchased at thrift store: 'I never thought I'd get this lucky'

This is a massive win for thrifters everywhere.

This is a massive win for thrifters everywhere.

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Thrifting can be incredibly rewarding, as shoppers often find designer items such as shoes or a suitcase for a fraction of their original prices. One lucky shopper found a bag they wanted and a bonus zipped inside.

Taking to Reddit to brag about their incredible luck, the thrifter showed off the five — yes, five — gift cards they found in the pocket of the bag they purchased. The photos showed the black Kipling bag next to their bonus, followed by the value of the gift cards. 

This is a massive win for thrifters everywhere.
Photo Credit: Reddit
This is a massive win for thrifters everywhere.
Photo Credit: Reddit

"All have balances! I'm so happy and excited, intentional or not, I never thought I'd get this lucky," the fortunate shopper said in the caption.

"We got $20 on Bojangles, $10 five below, $25 Walmart, and $15 between the Chick-fil-A ones," they said, noting that the cards were from 2020. 

While they didn't say how much the bag cost, we can assume they got a great deal since they "grabbed without hesitation." Similar bags retail from Kipling for around $80. A discounted bag and $70 in gift cards? This is a massive win for thrifters everywhere.

Finding a bonus while thrifting is rare but not unheard of — folks have found cash in bags and jeans pockets. 

The potential to land gift cards and cash is just one more thing to add to the list of thrifting benefits.

If you replace around half your new clothing purchases with secondhand options, you can save nearly $100 a year. Plus, thrifting is a great way to be kinder to the planet. Research conducted by the Waste and Resources Action Programme found that "extending the average life of clothes by just three months of active use per item would lead to a 5-10% reduction in each of the carbon, water, and waste footprints."

Plenty of other shoppers have realized the advantages of thrifting, with 93% of Americans shopping online for secondhand goods. Buying at thrift stores saves consumers $1,760 per year while significantly contributing to the economy — by 2027, the U.S. secondhand market is expected to be worth $70 billion, per Capital One Shopping.

Commenters were happy for the poster. 

"Damn a nice kipling bag and it's loaded gift cards! Lucky lucky!" one person wrote.

Someone else shared their thrifting surprise: "Nice score! Best I've found was an unused home depot card with a 100 dollar balance."

Posts such as this inspire us to get out there and keep thrifting.

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