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Baker shares concerning photo of plastic pieces found in bag of flour: 'This is ridiculous'

"Thankfully noticed it and pulled it out."

"Thankfully noticed it and pulled it out."

Photo Credit: iStock

Remember how you were always told to sift your flour? Doing this small chore could be more important than ever. One Redditor drove this point home in an alarming post in r/mildlyinfuriating

"Thankfully noticed it and pulled it out."
Photo Credit: Reddit

According to the original poster, their 5-pound bag of King Arthur flour contained sharp, plastic pieces. The user assured readers that they had poured the flour into a freshly cleaned, clear container. The image showed a piece of plastic large enough to be visible to the naked eye. 

"This is ridiculous," they wrote. 

"That's what they call Macro Plastic," one commenter joked.

Microplastics have become the subject of numerous headlines, having been linked to a range of severe health issues, including cancer. If these plastics don't end up on dinner plates after entering our food supply, they end up in our soil and water. 

However, raising awareness is the first step to holding corporations accountable for any potential missteps, whether the issue occurred in a warehouse or at another point in the supply chain. Customers can also report their quality control concerns.

These actions can lead to meaningful reflections and policy changes, in addition to preventing problems from happening in the future. 

Meanwhile, plastic reimbursement programs and single-use plastic bans are impactful ways that some local and national governments are passing to reduce the problem of plastic pollution. Innovative packaging options also provide hope for a more eco-friendly and healthy future. Bioplastics, mycelium, and seaweed are only a few of the sustainable packaging solutions. 

Another commenter shared that they had the same experience with the brand, saying: "I had my dough already mixed and thankfully noticed it and pulled it out, it looked exactly like your picture."

They weren't alone in commiserating over recent flour purchases. 

Another person said they found a piece of "opaque clear plastic" that was "about 2" long and thin with divots." 

"I'd contact king arthur," one person suggested

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