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Video of Kim Kardashian's mansion decorated for daughter's birthday sparks controversy: 'A disgusting waste'

The birthday celebration hosted by Kardashian was yet another reminder of how some members of society's upper class lack regard for waste reduction and smart spending.

“She is so narcissistic. They all are."

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Kim Kardashian decorated her mansion for her daughter Chicago's fifth birthday, but some viewed the extravagant celebration as an over-the-top spectacle.

A video posted on Reddit in the r/Anticonsumption thread shows the Hello Kitty-themed party back in January 2023 that featured the entire mansion decked out in pink, including new wall-to-wall pink carpeting just for the party, as also reported on by Cosmopolitan. A massive amount of balloons and finger foods were on display that would surely excite any child. 

The caption on the video jokingly stated, from the Instagram account Oink (@oink), "I just want to be reborn as one of her kids this is NOT fair."

According to People.com, the menu for Chicago and her young friends included a ramen bar, waffle pops, Hello Kitty grilled cheeses, and a milkshake station, which any kid would love. A variety of toppings were available for the waffle sticks like fresh strawberries, powdered sugar, whipped cream, sprinkles, Oreos, fruity pebbles, and blueberries. The kids also had access to activities such as Hello Kitty ceramic painting, slime making, and face painting, and an appearance was made by a dancing Hello Kitty mascot.

A little excessive, but the decor took it from a little excessive to fully excessive. Reddit users were not happy to see the amount of waste that went into the celebration.

"How many of yall wanna bet she didn't even donate that perfectly good rug after use [and] instead threw it away along with all the other plastic party crap she obviously had her assistant buy just for this?" the user who posted the video pondered.

"The comment at the top [about] being reborn as one of her kids is disturbing," another user commented, referring to the video's caption. "She is so narcissistic. They all are."

While it can easily be argued these examples of excess may come from love rather than narcissism or a desire to earn or live up to social media attention, the waste of the carpeting in particular cannot be denied. Without need to pass judgment, the thoughtlessness involved in that waste is the issue here and should not be considered as a real option for a party, even for a billionaire. 

Per the Environmental Protection Agency, "Over four billion pounds of carpet enter the solid waste stream in the United States every year," and "the bulky nature of carpet creates collection and handling problems for solid waste operations and the variety of materials present in carpet makes it difficult to recycle."

Kardashian is not the first celebrity to draw the ire of the r/Anticonsumption group. Paris Hilton's mansion and John Travolta's mansion were also featured in the subreddit in the past.

The birthday celebration hosted by Kardashian was yet another reminder of how some members of society's upper class lack regard for waste reduction and smart spending (one commenter even pointed to a site that visually shows how much money billionaires like Kardashian have compared to the average American).

"What a disgusting waste of resources," one user commented.

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