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Interior designer shares 'clever' hack for giving your candles a second life: 'I didn't know that you put them in the freezer ...'

"Thank you for the tip."

"Thank you for the tip."

Photo Credit: Instagram

The luxury of a beautiful scented candle in your home is unmatched, but what happens to the container once it's used up? An interior designer has a great tip for using those candle vessels to keep the luxury going. 

The scoop

Ashlee Jane (@the_suffolk_nest) is an interior designer specializing in flowers, vases, and home decor. In a recent Instagram video, she shared a lovely way to repurpose old candle containers. 

The first step in reusing your candle vessel is to clean it out. Start with freezing the leftover wax and then gently break it up and remove it with a spoon. 

"Wash any remaining wax out with warm water and soap," the video explains.  

Once your containers are clean, you can fill them with water and use them as "beautifully simple vases" by adding flowers or plants. If you use nice-smelling plants, your candles can continue to keep your house fresh long after they have burned down. Ashlee's arrangement features eucalyptus, a long-lasting and fragrant addition. 

"So clever! And they look gorgeous," one user commented. 

How it's helping

Although candles can sometimes be pricey, reusing the container can help your dollar go a little further. With this hack you are getting a free vase out of your candle. 

Reusing and repurposing your belongings is a great way to keep stuff out of landfills. Reports show that unfortunately, our recycling system is not great, so working to keep your items longer is a great way to help the planet. 

Upcycling like this gives your unused items and even your trash a new life. People have shared tons of similar useful hacks, such as turning old pill bottles into mini ice packs. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters seem ready to reuse their candles. 

One person said, "I think Instagram can read minds. I have a Capri Volcano candle that is done but has lots of wax left in the bottom. The jar is pretty and I don't want to throw it away … Brilliant! … Thanks so much." 

Another commenter had a different suggestion for how to repurpose containers. "So beautiful I reuse mine to hold bamboo cotton buds and reusable cotton pads in my bathroom. I hadn't thought about reusing them for vases, but will try this!" 

While a third user was blown away by this method. "I didn't know that you put them in the freezer to get the wax out!" they said. "Thank you for the tip."

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