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HOA throws 'ridiculous' temper tantrum over homeowner's simple yard feature: 'Can't have anything nice'

"You'd think during a pandemic they'd encourage gardening or sustainability."

HOA gardening rules, Yard feature instigates 'ridiculous' overreaction by HOA

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One homeowner who upgraded their garden during the COVID-19 lockdown told Reddit that they met resistance from an incredibly petty homeowners association.

HOA residents often come into conflict with their local boards over gardens. Homeowners who just wanted to grow a few flowers or raise their own vegetables face an uphill battle against organizations that want the neighborhood to be carpeted in grass.

HOA gardening rules
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This Redditor claimed to be facing one of the pettiest complaints yet: "HOA's throwing a fit about my garden trellis because it's visible above my fence line."

Their picture showed a newly constructed planter and simple wooden trellis. Both were located in a small front yard, which was surrounded by a wooden fence that appeared to be about 5 feet tall. Their trellis, however, looked closer to 6 feet.

Cue consternation from the busybody HOA. "Ugh, can't have anything nice," said the Redditor.

Commenters were united in their dislike of overbearing HOAs. "Hate them and their little power trips," said one user, while another complained, "HOAs are the worst."

An HOA's iron control over its neighborhood can have consequences beyond simple annoyance. By determining what homeowners can and can't plant as well as favoring lawns over drought-friendly options, they often drive up homeowners' water bills. Banning or restricting vegetable gardens costs residents money for groceries, too.

Many HOAs also prevent homeowners from adding pollinator-friendly landscaping, too, so they can have a negative impact on the environment.

"Quarantine would be a good time to rid all HOAs of the obnoxious busybodies that populate so many of them," said one commenter.

"You'd think during a pandemic they'd encourage gardening or sustainability," the original poster said.

For homeowners who would like to push for easier, more affordable, and more eco-friendly yard solutions in their HOA, there's usually an official process to change the rules. Start with this guide to make a difference in your neighborhood.

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