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Gardener shares wild method of growing tomatoes with virtually no effort: 'Tomatoes take care of themselves'

The uncomplicated nature of this method is hard to overstate.

Growing tomatoes in backyard

Photo Credit: @garden_to_table_/ TikTok

There are gardening tricks that make life easier, and then there are hacks like this one, posted by TikToker @garden_to_table, which takes the cake for the simplest — and potentially, the most satisfying — method for growing tomatoes.

The scoop

The uncomplicated nature of this method is hard to overstate. Garden To Table's 23-second video demonstrates the technique of grabbing ripened tomatoes (perhaps from a local grocery store) and then simply throwing them into the backyard.

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The video then shows the developmental process of the scattered tomatoes in a backyard, from the flesh of the tomato breaking down, to the eventual growth of the plant itself.

In a video caption, the TikToker suggests that sometimes it's important to "let nature run its course."

Of course, the environment and climate are everything when it comes to gardening, and your results may vary — but certainly, the potential reward has to be worth tossing a single tomato into the backyard, right? 

How it's helping

Beyond the rare satisfaction of being able to throw things around and have that activity somehow be productive, it represents a unique opportunity to reconnect us with the natural origins of our foods.

It's sometimes easy to forget that produce doesn't magically appear on store shelves and that many fruits and vegetables existed just fine in nature before agriculture and farming became the bedrock of civilization.

What everyone's saying

"Love it! the neglected ones end up looking better, than the ones with effort," says the video's top comment. 

"Tomatoes are the easiest to grow from seed imo just leave it to its own devices," says another.

In response to the video, people shared that there are other vegetables that can be grown in this way.

"This is how i grow pumpkins and peppers," says one comment with over a hundred likes. 

"Tomatoes can just take care of themselves," another adds.

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