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Experienced gardener shares simple method for growing seemingly endless supply of herb from store-bought product: 'Never knew this'

"Thyme from the supermarket is so easy to grow."

"Thyme from the supermarket is so easy to grow."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Using fresh herbs while cooking can really elevate a dish, but it can be a hassle to run to the store each time you need them. With this hack, fresh thyme will always be available to you, straight from your own garden.

The scoop

In a video on TikTok, Simon Akeroyd (@simonakeroydgardener) shared his hack for growing your own thyme. 

@simonakeroydgardener Thyme from the supermarket is so easy to grow. #growyourgroceries #growyourown #gardeningforbeginners ♬ Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

First you'll need to buy a fresh bunch of thyme from the supermarket. Remove the leaves from the bottom portion of a few stems. Place all the stems in water and let them sit for a few weeks until they're growing roots. 

At this point, remove them from the water and plant them in compost to encourage further growth. You can plant them in a pot or in your garden where they can grow larger. 

Simon says, "Thyme from the supermarket is so easy to grow."

How it's working

Buying fresh herbs from the store each time you cook add up. Using this hack, you only have to purchase thyme once, and after that it's a gift that keeps on giving. It's also a low-maintenance and drought-tolerant plant, so once it's settled in, it's smooth sailing. 

Many recipes only require a teaspoon or two of fresh herbs, and it can feel wasteful to buy an entire bunch at the supermarket knowing you don't need it all. If you're growing your own herbs, you can simply take what you need and let the rest keep growing, no wasted money or moldy produce involved. 

Expanding your garden to grow even more of your own produce saves a lot of time and money. Growing your own food reduces the need for time-consuming trips to the store and keeps more cash in your pocket. Plus, gardening has so many other benefits. The bigger the garden, the bigger the benefits. 

Gardening is known for improving both mental and physical health. It's a great stress reliever and mood booster and provides healthy exercise that's good for your heart.

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A garden full of food is also a great way to make a positive environmental impact. By eating what grows in your garden, you decrease the demand for mass-produced, store-bought, and globally shipped produce. That means reducing the need to burn dirty energy for transportation.

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What people are saying

Other TikTokers were excited to try this hack.

One user shared how they planned to use the herb: "I just did this. I am infusing it for health benefits."

"Never knew this!" another user said.

One TikToker joked, "I have little time for thyme, but it's great in sauces."

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