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Home cook reveals why he'll never buy garlic at the grocery store again: 'Finally someone explaining it'

"So pleased this popped up on my page."

"So pleased this popped up on my page."

Photo Credit: @prohomecooks / TikTok

It's safe to say garlic is a staple in many kitchens. That's why people are super excited for ProHomeCooks (@prohomecooks) TikTok explaining how to have "infinite garlic" at home. 

The scoop

ProHomeCooks makes it sound super simple to grow garlic at home, and if you already have a bulb or two laying around, all you need is a place to plant them.


Never Buying Garlic Again 🧄

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"Garlic is one of the easiest things you can grow as a gardener," the video explains. "All you have to do is get your hands on a few bulbs of garlic, break up the bulbs into the individual cloves, make some holes in your soil, and plant the little knobby sides down."

It's seriously that easy. The video explains that the best time to plant the bulbs is in the fall so by the spring, they're the first sprouts you should have popping up. 

And it's not just the garlic bulbs you'll be getting from this clever hack. If you're familiar with green garlic, you may already know that it's just young garlic plants. 

"Throughout its growth, you can cook it in its younger stage, which is called green garlic, and cook the entire thing," the video explains. "I even fermented some green garlic this year, which turned out great."

You can also cut off the flowering heads of the garlic, garlic scapes, to cook or, more popularly, turn into a pesto.

But the real action begins in the peak of summer, when your bulbs are ready to harvest. ProHomeCooks explains that you'll know your garlic is ready to dig up when a few of the lower leaves have turned yellow. 

"I harvest all the garlic, let it cure or dry out for about two weeks, then I cut off the tops and the roots for long-term winter storage and use," the TikTok explains. 

Just be sure to save a few bulbs for replanting. That way, you can ensure you never run out of garlic. 

How it's helping

Food hacks like this one can cut down on your grocery bill, especially if you're choosing fruits and vegetables that are suited to your climate or strategically choosing items that may be on the pricier side of your grocery list. 

On top of saving money, it also helps out the environment. Making backyards into a food source reduces the amount of food that needs to be shipped around the world, which means less harmful gases entering our atmosphere from trucks, trains, ships, and planes. Your plants also help promote biodiversity, offering a refuge for local pollinators

And if you're still not convinced, gardening has been proven to reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

What everyone's saying

While some users weren't convinced of the cost savings versus the effort of gardening, most were excited to unlock "infinite garlic" in the backyard. 

"Bro discovered infinite garlic glitch," one user wrote.

"You're the best! So pleased this popped up on my page," another person wrote. 

"Finally someone explaining it so easy!" a third commented. "Thank YOU!"

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