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Garden expert demonstrates simple method to grow never-ending supply of snackable veggie: 'I do this every year'

"Thanks for this growing tip!"

"Thanks for this growing tip!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Growing your own produce is actually easier than you may think. The next time you purchase celery from the grocery store, think twice before tossing the stalk into the trash.

Thanks to this easy gardening hack from Simon Akeroyd (@simoneakeroydgardener), you can end up with a never-ending supply of organic celery. 

The scoop

According to gardening expert Simon, you can start growing your own celery directly from the vegetable itself.

Take your store-bought celery and cut off the bottom base of the plant. Remove some of the excess leaves covering the base of the celery. 

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Place the celery base in a small bowl of water and leave the plant on a windowsill. Over time, your celery base will start to grow roots and sprout new stalks and leaves from the center. 

Once the roots are long, you can transfer the celery plant into a pot of peat-free compost and place it in a sunny spot outside. 

"Enjoy your healthy celery sticks!" says Simon. 

How it's helping

Simon's gardening hack is teaching TikTokers how to grow their own vegetables. Thanks to this simple tip, beginner gardeners now have an easy way to plant their own food and save money on groceries. 

With just an initial investment of $70, you can grow 300 pounds of fresh produce, which is equivalent to $600 worth of food. The less groceries you buy, the more you help reduce pollution from mass-produced, globally shipped food.

Starting a garden also has numerous health benefits, as gardening has been found to improve both your mental and physical health. In fact, a 2020 study conducted in Singapore found that individuals who consistently garden reported reduced levels of stress and higher levels of well-being. 

What everyone's saying 

TikTokers were appreciative to learn the gardening hack and excited to start growing their own vegetables

"Celery is good for you," wrote one user. "Thanks for this growing tip!"

"I absolutely love to watch plants grow and enjoy eating fresh vegetables and fruits," commented another TikToker.  

"I do the same process with romaine lettuce," responded one user. 

"I do this every year," wrote another TikToker.

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