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Cleaning expert shares incredibly easy hack for making grimy grout spotless: 'This totally dissolves any dirt'

You could use the trick for cleaning almost anything.

You could use the trick for cleaning almost anything.

Photo Credit: @neat.caroline / TikTok

A one-ingredient cleaning hack? We'll take it! Neat Caroline (@neat.caroline) on TikTok recently shared how to make bathroom grout spotless using only one ingredient that is probably already in your home.   

The scoop

As her TikTok name implies, Neat Caroline hails herself as an "organizing & cleaning expert," and she's proving it with this tip. She says all you need to clean the grimy grout in your bathroom is hydrogen peroxide and an old toothbrush. 

"This totally dissolves any dirt," she explains. 

@neat.caroline Ditch the dirty bathroom grout with hydrogen peroxide! #cleaningtok #cleaningtiktok #hydrogenperoxide #cleaninghack #fyp #grout #groutcleaning #nyc ♬ original sound - Neat Caroline

To do it, she just pours a little hydrogen peroxide in a jar or bowl, dips an old toothbrush in it, and begins scrubbing off the dirt. When she's done, she takes a wet rag and gives it a quick wipe, and voila — it looks good as new. She does note that you shouldn't use this if you have dark marble tile in your bathroom, as it could bleach it. 

How it's helping

Common ingredients often found in household cleaners can be harmful to you and the environment. 

Harsh chemicals, like bleach, ammonia, and strong acids, can release fumes that are dangerous to your respiratory system or can irritate your skin or eyes. 

But they can also harm the environment. These chemicals can hurt aquatic life, soil, air, and water quality when rinsed down the drain or released into the air. On top of that, once released into the environment, these ingredients break down slowly or biodegrade into more toxic, persistent chemicals.  

Apart from that, hydrogen peroxide has a ton of uses, meaning purchasing a bottle can save you money. The chemical can be used for managing pests in your plants, making whites look new again, and disinfecting your house this flu season.    

What everyone's saying

TikTokers were eager to get in their own bathrooms and give this hack a try. 

"Not me cleaning my grout at 10pm after seeing this," one person wrote. 

"I used the zep grout cleaner yesterday and was unimpressed," said another. "I will try this thanks!"

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