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Photo of homeowner's odd front yard feature sparks questions online: 'Why even have a lawn?'

"This is awful."

"This is awful."

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Making your front yard more green is, for many people, a worthy goal. But one homeowner took an unusual route to get there, and the results were captured by a Redditor and shared with the other members of the r/f***lawns subreddit.

"Why even have a lawn? Just pave it over with some green concrete!!" the poster wrote.

Many homeowners and renters are turning away from traditional grass lawns, which come with a host of drawbacks: They are difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to maintain, they require excessive amounts of water usage, and they often involve heavily polluting gas-powered yard equipment like mowers and leaf blowers.

Grass lawns also discourage biodiversity, depriving pollinators of food and harming your local ecosystem. On top of that, they are less visually appealing than diverse native plant lawns.

Instead of maintaining a single type of grass on their lawn, native plant gardeners try to work in concert with nature, picking types of plants that are native to their area and that local wildlife enjoy a symbiotic relationship with. Overall, these gardens use less water, fertilizer, and pesticides, all while providing shelter and food for local wildlife.

Unfortunately, this particular homeowner took things in the opposite direction, turning away from a traditional grass lawn but managing to find an alternative that is even more discouraging to biodiversity, and even less visually appealing.

One commenter tried to explain the decision to opt for a green-painted concrete patch instead of any type of plant life whatsoever, writing, "Given how close up on the street the houses are built, the open soil is [probably] around back." But the commenter stopped short of defending it entirely, adding, "The homeowner could stand to get some nice big plant pots out front though."

The other commenters were uniformly unimpressed.

"This is triggering my fight or flight," wrote one commenter.

"Hahaha, this is awful," wrote another.

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