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Gardener catches neighbor on security cam trespassing with Roundup: 'I would have been out there with a garden hose'

"You are to be commended for your self-control."

"You are to be commended for your self-control."

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Gardening and growing your own vegetables is a great way to get outdoors, improve your diet, and support your local ecosystem. But the home gardener can face many challenges — not least among them nosy and interfering neighbors.

One such gardener took to Reddit to share a story about their neighbor, who took it upon himself to spray their vegetables with a toxic herbicide.

"I am livid. I kindly asked him to leave with a stern face as I was trying not to blow a lid," the poster wrote, sharing with the other members of the r/gardening subreddit.

The neighbor was spraying Roundup, a common commercial herbicide that contains the chemical glyphosate. Although Bayer, the maker of Roundup, claims that glyphosate is safe, the company was recently forced to pay $1.56 billion after being sued by four plaintiffs who claimed that the weedkiller causes cancer.

A coalition of six organizations recently urged the Environmental Protection Agency to halt the use of glyphosate.

As livid as the original poster was, the other members of the subreddit were equally livid on their behalf.

"I would have been out there with a garden hose spraying him back!" wrote one commenter.

"You are to be commended for your self-control. I'm not sure I'd have been so calm, and I no doubt would be plotting revenge. On your behalf, I am furious!" wrote another.

Luckily for everyone, the situation was resolved without needing to get any authorities involved. 

"Before taking legal action I decided to go outside and speak with him. It seemed like he had good intentions and admitted complete fault that he should've thought before entering someone's property. He's retired and reminded me of my grandmother … Seems like a genuine guy now that I've cooled off." the original poster wrote.

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