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Novice gardener shares before-and-after photos of their amazing yard makeover: 'Transformed a rotted [jungle]'

"It looks so awesome."

Garden transformation

Photo Credit: u/Harmoniummm / Reddit

One user in the r/gardening subreddit showed the internet what you can do with a neglected yard, even without any gardening experience.

Because r/gardening includes many guides, tutorials, and advice threads, it draws in many new gardeners who are just starting out. The subreddit also encourages users to show off photos of their accomplishments, and this Redditor had an incredible one to share.

amazing yard makeover
Photo Credit: u/Harmoniummm / Reddit

"Transformed a rotted bed/weed jungle to a cute lil berry patch!" they said, attaching before-and-after pictures to the post.

The "before" picture showed what had once been a garden but was now falling apart. Dead weeds and grass filled the rotted beds, and gardening tools and planters lay discarded on the ground.

"I'm a newbie to growing anything edible, raised beds, etc.," said the Redditor. "I've definitely learned a lot through the process, but I'm super proud of how it turned out after all the labor I've put in these past couple months!"

The "after" photo definitely shows a garden to be proud of. The Redditor removed the deteriorating boxes and built two new, smaller ones, leaving room for lush berry bushes along the fence. In the remaining space, they created ingenious planters out of burlap sacks. The ground is covered with a thick layer of wood chips to prevent weeds.

According to the Redditor, the new garden holds raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. "Now if I can outsmart the birds and squirrels with my nets, hopefully I'll enjoy a few berries this summer," they added.

Growing berries at home is a smart move, given how expensive they can be at the store. Plus, they taste better when they're allowed to ripen on the plant. Reducing the demand for store-bought berries also means less produce shipped long distances, which means less air pollution from trucks and trains. Homeowners who aren't sure of their gardening skills can get help from companies like Yardzen to choose plants that will thrive in the local environment.

Commenters loved the transformation. "I wish I had one!" said one user. "It looks so awesome."

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