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New parent dumbfounded after getting $100 worth of diapers for free: 'That's a score right there'

"Frugal win for sure."

Parent groups, diapers for free

Photo Credit: u/prettycote/ Reddit

Babies are beautiful, precious little bundles of joy who will warm your heart, fill your soul, and take all your hard-earned money — so getting free stuff to help support the adorable little freeloaders is a huge relief. 

One lucky parent took to Reddit to share the jackpot they found in a Facebook parent group. The user posted a photo showing stacks of white gold — otherwise known as diapers — on the r/Frugal subreddit. They captioned the picture with "Fellow parents of small children: Join your local parent groups!" 

"Someone with much more money than me decided to just gift the piles of new diapers (300+) their kid had outgrown," they write under the picture. "A 25-min round trip drive saved me over $100 worth of diapers. Frugal win for sure!"

Buying secondhand baby stuff is always a good way for new parents to save money, but getting things for free is even better. Joining "Buy Nothing" groups on Facebook or mobile apps is a great way to score free stuff. 

Buy Nothing groups are communities of people looking to get rid of items or searching for something they need, but there's no buying, selling, or bartering — just transferring goods out of the goodness of your heart. 

You don't have to be a new parent to benefit from Buy Nothing groups. Some people even use it to mend their broken hearts after a breakup

Buying second hand and utilizing Buy Nothing groups also reduces waste. The U.S. sends 140 million tons of waste to landfills each year, where it slowly decomposes and releases harmful gases like methane. Giving items a second, third, or even fourth life can help limit the damage done by our growing landfills. 

Other Redditors were excited about the original poster's substantial Pampers present. 

"That's a score right there. Diapers are expensive," says one user. 

Another adds, "Those are good diapers, too," to which the OP replies, "They sure are! My kid's been on Luvs the past week, she's gonna think we won the lottery." 

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