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Man calls out driver for blocking EV parking spot and refusing to move: 'Great way to get your car towed'

"You've gotta get it out of here."

"You've gotta get it out of here."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikTok user shared a video of a man parking his gas-powered car in an electric vehicle charging spot — and repeatedly refusing to move it.

In a recent video, Wham Baam Tesla Cam (@whambaamteslacam) showed a confrontation between a Tesla driver and a petrol-powered vehicle driver. 

@whambaamteslacam TESLA BLOCKED BY GAS CAR AT CHARGER #blocked#ev#electriccar#tesla#chargingstation#baddrivers#wtf#caughtoncamera#idiots#austraila#fypage#viral#entertainment#fy#fyp ♬ original sound - WhamBaamTeslacam

"Hey buddy, it's EV parking only, bro," the EV driver says. The gas-guzzler tries to defend himself with the retort, "It's got a battery in it."

While that's technically true, having a battery in a gas-powered car does not meet the criteria for the collectively agreed-upon definition of an electric vehicle.

"You've gotta get it out of here," the Tesla driver insists. The other driver then doubles down on his previous quip: "I park here all the time." The Tesla driver tries to shame the other man. "It's not very nice, mate. Don't you think?" "Should be alright," the driver responds.

The video can be particularly triggering because the offending driver shows a disregard for not just his own carbon footprint but also for another person's ability to reduce pollution via their EV usage. 

Over the course of 10 years, driving an EV can prevent 100,000 pounds of pollution from being released and save up to $15,000 on refueling, according to TCD's EV guide. EVs continue to get easier to access, as states like Colorado and California offer attractive financial incentives to make EVs more affordable.

TikTok users slammed the driver in the comment section — and even called for acts of vengeance.

"Great way to get your car towed," one user wrote.

"Oh dear what if he came back to find his tyres slashed," another user said.

"This is why I have wheel jacks in my car … jack up the wheels and move the car anywhere I want," a third user wrote.

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