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TikToker reveals game-changing trick that makes it easy to deep-clean your oven: 'I had no idea'

"The struggles I've been through to clean my stove."

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Photo Credit: @jesseisraelchavez / TikTok

Many people struggle to deep-clean the insides of their ovens. This appliance is usually set at floor level and standard units are up to 2 feet deep, according to appliance manufacturer Maytag, making it difficult to reach the back.

But of course, the oven door, which swings downward on most models, makes it even harder, since it blocks the area in front of the oven when open.

Because of these difficulties, many owners deep-clean their ovens very rarely and use harsh chemicals to cope with the grime that builds up inside.

But, as TikToker Jesse Chavez (@jesseisraelchavez) recently demonstrated, it's actually easier to get inside your oven than you may think. The trick? Just remove the door.

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In the video, Chavez removes the door of his induction oven, which is much easier than it sounds, as the door is designed to come off. 

"See, you have two clips right here," he says, pointing to the door hinges at the bottom corners of the open door. 

He then narrates the process as he unclips the hinges, partially closes the door, and lifts it upward. Afterward, he also demonstrates how to open the door itself to clean between its front and back panels.

With the door out of the way, it's much easier to reach the inside of the oven and clean it with gentle cleansers like lemon or baking soda. This is safer than using heavy-duty oven cleaning chemicals, which are often corrosive and may produce toxic fumes. It's also better for the environment because cleaning chemicals often end up in the water supply once they're rinsed away, as Peter Scales of The Conversation points out.

Commenters were astounded by the simple cleaning hack

"Omg!! Ty!! Had no idea how to clean between the glass!!" wrote one commenter. 

Another added, "OMG, I had no idea. the struggles I've been through to clean my stove. I just tried this and took the door off in 2 seconds. Thank you!!!!!"

Although it's possible to remove the door from most standard ovens to aid in cleaning, Chavez's particular stove has another major benefit. Since it's equipped with an induction cooktop, the surface is extremely easy to clean, too.

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