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This fashion brand wants to buy back your old, pre-loved clothing — and they'll even 'trade' you for new items

Your old Cuyana clothes can be resold for either cash or store credit.

Cuyana Revive

Photo Credit: @Cuyana / Instagram

Sustainable fashion and accessories brand Cuyana offers an easy way to support a circular economy by buying and selling pre-loved Cuyana items on its Revive resale platform.

How does Cuyana Revive work?

To participate in the Cuyana Revive program, you can find your item on the label's selling page. Once you've listed your item, send it back to Cuyana using a pre-paid shipping label. 

After it's authenticated and sold, Cuyana will give you either 70% of the item's value in cash, or 100% of the earnings in trade-in value, a move the company says is aimed at keeping the program circular. 

It recommends a price based on the style and condition, but you can set your own price for your listed items.

"Our sustainability practices go beyond responsible production. We encourage you to shop with intention so that you love what you have," the company says on the website. "But when it's time to make space for something new, give your Cuyana products a second life through resale or donation. It's good for you, good for your closet, and good for the planet."

Cuyana Revive is currently only accepting its bags and small leather goods for resale, the company says. But it will take any of its items back for donations, which supports women starting a new life after abuse.

Why should I buy and sell through the Cuyana Revive program?

"We believe time is the new luxury," Cuyana says on its website. "Fewer, better celebrates a style of life valuing a simpler, smarter way. Designed with longevity and made responsibly, each piece is made for everyday ease so that you love what you wear."

Its aim is to produce clothing and accessories that stand the test of time. Selling your pre-loved Cuyana items helps to keep those responsibly-made pieces in the value chain and out of landfills.

Because the Cuyana Revive program focused solely on leather, buying secondhand helps to reduce new leather production. Leather is a leading contributor to planet-heating gases. It's also a leading producer of toxic wastewater — a byproduct of the leather tanning process. And since leather is an animal product, it's deeply tied to animal welfare issues

Are there other programs like Cuyana's Revive?

Good news for fashion lovers. Resale programs like Cuyana's Revive now run the gamut. If you love secondhand fashion but also want it to be sustainable, the Lucky Sweater app is the best of both worlds. J. Crew also wants its worn items back and will pay you a significant amount for trading them in.

But there's much more you can trade in besides fashion to earn some cash or credit. Amazon will pay you for your old devices. But be sure to finish that Cuyana Revive trade-in transaction first.

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