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Colorado resident sparks conversation with photo of front lawn snapped in neighborhood: 'Found this on my walk today'

"I don't understand why more people in Colorado don't do this."

“I don’t understand why more people in Colorado don’t do this."

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One Colorado Redditor paused to snap a pic when they found a beautiful yard in full bloom while walking their dog.

The r/NoLawns subreddit is full of people posting pictures of money- and water-saving lawn alternatives such as native plants and xeriscaping. Usually, they share their own yards; however, there have also been multiple popular posts showcasing the gorgeous gardens around the users' neighborhoods.

"Found this on my walk today," said this Redditor, sharing two photos. Both show a small, square gravel bed in a front yard with pavement on all sides. The bed is almost completely full of a mixture of cheerful pink and white flowers on tall stalks. A few bushes and a birch tree around the outer edges of the bed add variety, while stones and a barrel planter accent the design.

Photo Credit: u/Kewchie-Lord567 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/Kewchie-Lord567 / Reddit

Commenters quickly identified the flowers as cosmos, a low-maintenance option. "Cosmos is so easy to grow — you can broadcast the seed, no starting it early indoors or babying in any way," one user said.

"There is even a native cosmos," said another Redditor.

Native flowers are an especially good choice for the garden. Besides eliminating mowing and the need for extra water, they also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, which are healthy for both gardens and wild plants.

Given how much time and money homeowners can save while also benefiting the environment, this lawn alternative seems like a no-brainer. "I don't understand why more people in Colorado don't do this with the water restrictions they have on grass lawns," said the original poster.

In the past, the reason might have been restrictive homeowners associations that required grass, but a new Colorado law makes it much easier for homeowners to switch to water-wise landscaping.

"CO is the perfect place for going lawnless! Not even HOAs can stop us here," one commenter cheered.

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