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Gardener reveals clever hack for maintaining beautiful, lush greens: 'Why do your vegetables always look so healthy?'

"Just use a blender with some water."

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Photo Credit: @azzengarden/ TikTok

Composting is a great way to help your garden flourish, and a method from the TikToker Anna Arizona Gardner (@azzengarden) is making that even easier — they call it the "dig and drop" method. 

The scoop 

Composting is an easy way to dispose of your food scraps without sending them to a landfill, and this TikTok offers an idea for how to compost without having to invest in any extra equipment.

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In the video, the poster chops up their compost and brings it straight outside. They scoop a handful of dirt out of the garden — you could use a shovel if you have one — and bury the compost right in the soil. 

"No composter, no problem. You can bury your kitchen scraps right there in your garden!" they explain. They say the top comment they get on their garden is, "Why do your vegetables always look so healthy?" and this method is why. 

If you're not sure what items are compostable, see this guide from the Environmental Protection Agency. 

How it's helping 

When you compost kitchen scraps in your garden, it eliminates the need to spend money on fertilizer. The nutrients from the discarded food will take care of that for you. 

Nutrient-rich soil will help your plants to thrive, providing you with better food, and if you compost using this method, you don't even need to invest in a composter. 

Composting also helps reduce the amount of food scraps that will end up in a landfill, which helps the environment. 

Food scraps are often compostable items such as egg shells and fruit peels. They are not edible, so if they are not composted, these scraps will be added to the almost 300 million tons of trash that Americans produce per year. 

That trash sits in landfills, where the food decomposes in a pile with the other garbage and the nutrients from the decomposing food never return to the soil. Instead, the decomposition creates planet-warming gases, according to the Environmental Protection Agency

What everyone's saying 

Viewers were enthusiastic about the idea, commenting, "Love this! Will definitely be trying this in my veg patch!!!" and, "Thank god, Now I'm doing this no more putting it off." 

Others had ideas on how to get the compost chopped even faster, suggesting, "Just use a blender with some water." 

And few took the time to confirm that composting was definitely worth it. "I had a dying rosemary bush a friend told me to cut an apple in slices and dig it in around the bush and BAM it flourished," one commenter says

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