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Dad shares simple way to clean your coffee pot using just one household ingredient: 'You don't need harsh chemicals'

"Thank you, this worked well."

"Thank you, this worked well."

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A worldly YouTuber is showing users how to improve their coffee by cleaning and rejuvenating their coffee makers.

The scoop

According to Nate Fixes It (@NateFixesIt) on YouTube, "you don't need harsh chemicals" to clean your coffee maker. All a coffee lover needs is white vinegar, water, and a couple of minutes in the day.

The content creator explains that doing a bimonthly cleaning with this hack has three main benefits. First and foremost, "mold and bacteria can grow inside [your coffee maker] and you don't want that in your coffee." Additionally, unclean machinery will become less efficient over time and make bitter coffee.

The process is simple. Fill the coffee maker's reservoir with one part water and one part white vinegar. If your coffee maker has a cleaning function, it is as simple as pressing the button. If not, no worries. Just brew and let it run for half a cycle, then let the reservoir sit for half an hour before rinsing.

The only step after that is enjoying your coffee however you like.

How it's helping

Using natural or household products for cleaning and sanitization saves consumers money on manufactured cleaning products that are often expensive or even toxic. Using things like vinegar in place of chemically derived products is safer for the person doing the cleaning as well as those using that space.

Natural solutions are easy to find, with simple and effective hacks being available for everything from crevasse-ridden vases to blurry and ineffective headlights on your car. One influencer has even created her own all-purpose cleaner using just three ingredients; water, soap, and essential oils to provide a healthy aroma. 

Find more information about how to get going with natural cleaning processes here

What everyone's saying

Commenters below the post are delighted with this hack.

"Thank you, this worked well," wrote one.

Another expressed regret: "I have been using dish soap to clean it."

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