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Homeowner shares progress photo after transforming their tiny urban backyard: 'An incredible view'

"What an incredible view."

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One homeowner on Reddit recently showed the internet why clover lawns are becoming more popular.

"My tiny city backyard all clover lawn is coming in nice," said the Redditor in their post at the beginning of July. 

"It's currently a mixture of white Dutch clover and micro-clover," they added in a comment. "Looks so much better than the patchwork of dead grass and dirt that was there before."

The attached photo was a lush, thriving field of green bordered with flowers and small shrubs, with a gorgeous cityscape in the background — a much more inviting setting than the dying lawn that the original poster described.

Clover lawn transformed from a basic urban backyard
Photo Credit: u/AndyIsNotOnReddit / Reddit

This Redditor's struggle with grass is a common one. Ordinary turf grass lawns have some obvious drawbacks for owners and the environment. 

They take lots of water, fertilizer, and pesticide to maintain, making them expensive. Applying everything the lawn needs to be healthy takes time — just so that you can spend even more time mowing it when the grass gets tall. After all that effort, the grass may still be unhealthy and unattractive.

As for the impact on the environment, grass doesn't flower, so it doesn't provide food for pollinators like many other plants. Sometimes runoff from a chemical-laden lawn will even pollute local water sources.

Clover does more with less. It takes much less water than a grass lawn but will create thicker, greener coverage. It doesn't need mowing — and even if you do keep it trimmed, you won't need to mow as often. The plants don't need so many chemicals, so there's no chemical runoff to worry about, and its developed root systems help prevent soil from eroding. Clover even produces beautiful flowers that bees and other pollinators love.

If you're unsure about adding clover to your yard, you can also get a professional opinion about what's right for your space. Yardzen and other eco-conscious landscapers have experience choosing attractive, environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance plants to suit any yard.

Commenters loved what the original poster did with their small but striking space. 

"Wow, what an incredible view of both the greenery and the city," said one user.

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