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TikToker shares the best low-maintenance lawn for dog owners: 'It doesn't get discolored from dog potties'

It requires far less water and mowing maintenance.

Clover best lawn alternative

Photo Credit: @livekindly / Tiktok

Rewilding lawns is all the rage, but it might prove a little more difficult if you have a dog. Luckily, a TikTok user has shared a great tip for ensuring that dog owners can grow native lawns, too.

In a recent video on TikTok, user LiveKindly (@livekindly) shared their best advice for a hassle-free lawn that's totally pet-friendly.

@livekindly Replying to @haileynn1 🍀 Clover is the perfect low maintenance lawn alternative if you have dogs! Not only are they beautiful, they're also more eco-friendly. Would you get a clover lawn? #clover #cloverlawn #lawntok #dogsoftiktok #dogs #lawnalternatives #ecofriendly #sustainability ♬ In the Bosom - Sweet After Tears

"Clover is likely going to be the best lawn alternative if you do have dogs," they say in the video. "Clover is hearty enough to hold up to heavy foot and paw traffic, and it doesn't get discolored from dog potties."

The user explains that compared to traditional grass, clover requires far less water and mowing maintenance, saving you tons of money and time on your yard. 

The benefits of clover don't end there. According to Forbes, clover seeds are incredibly inexpensive and have a natural fertilizing effect on the soil in which it grows. Clover also spreads across an area quickly and attracts pollinators like bees, which has numerous benefits for your local ecosystem, according to Forbes.

Rewilding your yard is one of the simplest ways to cut down your water bill and help rejuvenate local ecosystems. Companies like Yardzen can help streamline the process by curating a selection of local plants and creating a drought-tolerant, pollinator-friendly plan for your lawn.

Users expressed their enthusiasm for clover in the comment section of the post.

"We have clover on our farm in some parts and I wish it would spread faster! It's so nice and always green and we have dogs, a cat, chickens and bees!" one user wrote.

"I want a clover or moss lawn so so badly," another user said.

"Just seeded clover a few weeks ago and the babes have sprouted!" a third user commented.

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