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Dad shares simple AC maintenance tip that could easily slash your electric bill: 'My home is way cooler now'

This cleaning hack offers a refreshing solution that benefits homeowners and the planet alike.

This cleaning hack offers a refreshing solution that benefits homeowners and the planet alike.

Photo Credit: TikTok

As the weather warms up, ensuring your air conditioner is in top shape becomes essential for beating the heat without using too much energy. Luckily, a new cleaning hack making waves on social media promises to make this chore a breeze. 

The scoop

A recent TikTok video shared by bestlifewichita (@bestlifewichita) has been gaining attention for its quick method of cleaning air conditioner coils. In the video, they demonstrated how using a garden hose and spraying outward can effectively clean the coils and ensure optimal performance for the upcoming summer months. 

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How it's helping

The biggest benefit of this hack is the time and money it saves homeowners. As opposed to spending potentially hundreds of dollars on professional AC maintenance or struggling with complex DIY methods, this straightforward approach requires nothing more than a garden hose and a few minutes of your time. 

But beyond the financial savings, this hack also helps the planet. By maintaining your air conditioner's efficiency, you reduce energy consumption, which translates to a lower carbon footprint. A well-maintained AC unit not only keeps your home cool but also contributes to a greener environment.

To help manage your AC's energy use more effectively and save money, it's recommended to set your thermostat to a comfortable but energy-efficient temperature, such as 78 degrees Fahrenheit, as suggested by the Department of Energy. 

Using fans to circulate air and ensuring your home is well-insulated can also help reduce the need for constant AC use. Plus, weatherizing your house to prevent leaks and drafts can make a big difference in how often you need to run the AC, which in turn can help cool down those energy bills.

What everyone's saying

Social media users have been quick to praise this ingenious cleaning hack. Comments on the video ranged from expressions of gratitude for the money-saving tip to exclamations of surprise at its simplicity. One user said they didn't realize this was something everyone should do, to which bestlifewichita replied, "It should be my home is way cooler now." 

Many were also surprised by the lack of coil cleaner, which can be toxic.

"First dude I've seen not use coil cleaner respect," one commenter said.

Others asked for more instructions on how to access that part of the unit: "Show us how to take it apart to get to that step!!"

"I know I wish I got that part on a video. It's just a matter of removing the screws on the outside panels and putting them back when you're done," said Bestlifewichita, emphasizing the ease of the solution. (Just remember to turn off the power first!)

In a world where sustainability and convenience often seem at odds, this cleaning hack offers a refreshing solution that benefits homeowners and the planet alike. So, grab your garden hose and get ready to ensure your air conditioner is summer-ready in no time.

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