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TikToker shares 3 easy ways to use leftover lemon peels around the house: 'I never thought about [that]'

Overall, the hacks got people thinking.

use a whole lemon

Photo Credit: @modhippiehabits / TikTok

Say goodbye to a last-minute run for simple syrup or potpourri — lemons have got you covered. A viral TikTok is sharing tips on how to get more mileage out of your lemons. 

The advice comes from Kait (@modhippiehabits), a self-described "urban homestead, over-enthusiastic dog mom, plant hoarder." 

If you're squeezing lemons during this wonderful citrus season and you want to get the most bang for your buck, then these hacks are for you. 

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The scoop

The first tip is to take a pairing knife to your lemon peels and remove some of the pith. Lemon pith is the white, spongy layer between the lemon's skin and its inner pulp. 

Since it's bitter in taste, it's usually removed before using the lemon for cooking or as a garnish. However, it contains a lot of fiber and can be used for making other delicious treats like marmalades. 

Once the pith is removed, dehydrate the peels in the oven until they're nice and crispy. Those lemon "chips" are great for seasoning or adding to bath products. 

Next up: candied lemon peels. Slice those peels and add them directly to boiling water for 10 minutes to remove some of the bitterness. Afterward, strain them, and add them back into a simple syrup with one part water and one part sugar, before boiling them again for 10 minutes. 

They'll turn translucent, so let them dry until they're tacky, and then toss them in sugar. This is a double hack, as it has the added bonus of creating lemon simple syrup, which is delicious in drinks.

Lastly, freeze your juice. Citrus freezes really well and can be a great addition to hot water or tea in the morning. It can also be added to lemonade for a little extra zing.

How it's helping

These hacks are a great way to save money and trips to the grocery store. As Kait explains, every part of the lemon can be used somehow — sometimes in unexpected ways. 

In addition to saving you money on new products, using every part of the lemon can cut down on waste, freeing up room in your trash can and cutting down on methane emissions from food scraps. 

What everyone's saying

Users could not have been more supportive in the comments, with many offering up their own hacks. 

One viewer comments, "The sugared peels are amazing in lemon muffins or blueberry scones! Try it, you'll thank me."

Others recommend using lemon peels for other household purposes, such as cleaning, with one commenting, "You can also use the peels for a cleaner if you put them in vinegar and let it sit for a bit and then dilute it with water."

Overall, the hacks got people thinking. One user writes, "Oh I love this! I never thought about trying to use the extra parts or even freezing the lemon juice! Now I can't wait to do this!"

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