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Shopper stunned after reading unbelievable label on pants found at local thrift store: 'I'd have no idea'

"You are truly the chosen one for snagging those pants."

"You are truly the chosen one for snagging those pants."

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"Fashion changes, but style endures." 

This is a quote by famed designer Coco Chanel, and a savvy thrift shopper was thrilled to discover a little of Chanel's style at their local Goodwill. 

"I found Chanel in Goodwill and was happy. Then my jaw hit the floor," the poster wrote above four pictures in the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. The first two pictures are of a pair of cream Chanel pants, and the second two are of a black dress with white flowers by designer Stavropoulos — the item that caused the shopper's jaw to drop. 

"You are truly the chosen one for snagging those pants."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"You are truly the chosen one for snagging those pants."
Photo Credit: Reddit

While Chanel's name likely rings a bell, Stavropoulos may not. 

"I'd have no idea," admitted one commenter. 

Photo Credit: Reddit

"While not as well known as Chanel - George Stavropoulos gowns were made for and worn by people like Jackie Kennedy, Ladybird Johnson, Elizabeth Taylor.. the list goes on," the original poster enlightened. "I cannot imagine how this ended up in a rack at Goodwill." 

To speak more directly to Chanel's quote, fashion changes so often that "fast fashion" — the mass production of cheap, trendy clothing not designed to last — has nearly taken over the industry, and not for the better. 

The fashion industry produces 100 billion garments annually, accounting for 2% to 8% of global carbon air pollution. Over 100 million tons of textile waste are sent to landfills each year, and tossed-out clothing is the top source of textile waste in the United States. 

So the OP deserves all the couture they can find for choosing to shop secondhand rather than buying new. 

Not only is there the chance of fabulous finds like these, thanks to others who choose to donate rather than contribute to landfills, but thrifting can save shoppers $1,700 a year on average.

Finding designer items isn't as rare as it may seem, either — another lucky thrifter found a Louis Vuitton bag, and one found a Vera Wang wedding dress for just $20 — and the examples go on and on. 

The post's comment section was filled with well-deserved congratulations for the OP and a healthy dose of envy. 

"Wowowowow those are some incredible goodwill finds," commented one Redditor. 

"You are truly the chosen one for snagging those pants," added another

"An amazing trip," said a third. "Congratulations, those are beautiful pieces."

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