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Thrift shopper makes incredible vintage find after two months of searching: 'I couldn't believe my eyes'

This thrifter found a steal.

This thrifter found a steal.

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Looking for sales and deals is always a great way to shop, but it's especially useful when you want something expensive. One thrifter managed to find a high-quality, trendy coat from the brand Carhartt for just $20

The find was featured on the Reddit thread r/ThriftStoreHauls, and the jacket is a stylish denim in great condition. It was part of the "Southwest Collection" that ran in the '90s, which is now considered vintage. They are described on the r/Carhartt thread as being a "highly sought-after" style. 

"I couldn't believe my eyes," the Redditor said in a comment on the post. 

Photo Credit: u/Ok-Economy7154 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/Ok-Economy7154 / Reddit

Carhartt is a family-owned business that prides itself on creating work and outdoor clothing that is guaranteed to last — "durable from day one," the website boasts

Given the high quality, Carhartt clothing tends to be a bit pricey, with jackets ranging from $70 to well over $100. Comments on the post mention that some resellers even price jackets in this collection at over $350 because they're so highly sought-after — meaning this thrifter really found a steal. 

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This Redditor isn't the only one to have a thrifting success story, though. One shopper found a Brooks Brothers coat for $45, when it would normally sell for nearly $1,500. Another thrifter managed to snag a luxury handbag by the brand Launer — which was loved by Queen Elizabeth II herself — and those bags can cost over $4,000 each. 

Even if you're not finding luxury brands at your local thrift stores, a report stated that shoppers still save an average of $1,700 per year by shopping secondhand. 

Not only that, but shopping secondhand is also great for the environment. 

Thrown-away clothing is the largest source of textile waste in the U.S., and the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of plastic waste each year.

When you shop secondhand, you're actively helping the environment while simultaneously taking it easy on your wallet.

Commenters on the post were thrilled for the Redditor and envious of the find. 

"I'd wear that all day," said one user. Another added, "I've been looking for one of these for YEARS, such a great find!" 

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