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Thrift shopper nabs ultra-expensive Stanley tool set for a fraction of its normal price: 'Still sells for $500 in store'

"You didn't grab it. You STOLE it!"

Canadian Tire tool set

Photo Credit: u/HippySol / Reddit

One Redditor got an incredible deal when they found a full Canadian Tire tool set at a thrift store for only $70.

The Redditor posted their find on r/ThriftStoreHauls, a subreddit dedicated to great deals at secondhand stores and garage sales. While thrift stores mostly carry used items, it's not uncommon to find new clothes, tools, and housewares, or vintage pieces in excellent condition. Some of the best finds are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, like a pair of All-Clad pans or a rare Leica camera.

Brand new 183 piece pro craftsmen tool set with lifetime warranty. still sells for $499.99 in store but i grabbed it for $70!
by u/HippySol in ThriftStoreHauls

This Redditor says they found a new, untouched Stanley tool set from Canadian Tire, a brand that offers a lifetime warranty on its products. They share a photo of a yellow case, open to show every sleek black tool and accessory in its slot. 

"Still sells for $499.99 in store, but I grabbed it for $70!" says the poster.

Buying equipment second hand has allowed many smart shoppers to furnish a house or a workshop on a budget. Frequent thrifters also find luxury items that would be out of their price range when new, like Le Creuset cooking pots, for a much lower asking price. 

Shopping at a thrift store is even eco-friendly; it gives new life to items that would otherwise be headed for a landfill and reduces the need to manufacture new ones.

Commenters on the post argue with the original poster's assessment of the tool set's value. 

"$500 in store seems a bit high," says one user. The original poster clarifies, "Its Canadian Tire. They typically list stuff at high prices and then regularly put them on sale for more reasonable prices." 

The commenters do agree that even at a typical discount, the set is worth more than twice what the original commenter paid for it. 

"You didn't grab it. You STOLE it!" says another user. "Great find."

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