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Volunteer group tackles removal of popular but invasive tree: 'Now things that belong to this land can grow'

"Well done indeed!"

"Well done indeed!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Redditor shared impressive before-and-after photos of a now-cleared area once overtaken by invasive Bradford pear saplings. 

The post, shared to the active r/NativePlantGardening community, garnered attention for showcasing how volunteers are restoring ecosystems overrun by invasive species.

The images are captioned: "Before, a grove of invasive Bradford pear saplings," and "After! We cleared teasel from this area earlier in the year and returned for the bush honeysuckle a couple of weeks ago."

"Well done indeed!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The original poster clarified in a comment: "It's more accurately called Callery pear, but none of our volunteers (including me!) recognized that common name. Everyone knew Bradford pear though, so I used that in the title!"

The photos depict a dramatic transformation. Where there was once a thicket of spindly saplings, the "after" shot reveals an open grassy floor, ready to nurture native flora.

Choosing native plants over invasive species like the Bradford pear benefits your wallet and the environment. Native plant lawns save time and money on maintenance, conserve water, lower utility bills, and create vital habitats for pollinators. Even a partial lawn or garden replacement using native plants, clover, buffalo grass, or xeriscaping allows homeowners to reap these eco-friendly perks.

Other Redditors celebrated the volunteer group's efforts.

"Oh, well done indeed! Now things that belong to this land can grow," one wrote.

Another said: "Great work! Where is this? We have a real problem with Bradford pears here in South Jersey. I'd love to get involved with removal efforts if your group is somewhere local!"

Someone else questioned: "Why can't garden centers be the leaders and promote other native flowering trees instead? Redbuds are lovely and so are serviceberries. I am in Ontario but likely these are native in your region too."

By removing invasive Bradford pears, this group of native plant advocates paved the way for a healthier, more sustainable green space. Their work demonstrates that local action can make a big impact, one sapling at a time.

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