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'Harry Potter' star stuns fans with decisions behind her one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony: 'Everything felt like it reflected us'

Wright chose a vintage hairpiece, organic makeup brands, and silver Prada shoes that were already in her closet.

Bonnie Wright, Sustainable wedding

Photo Credit: @thisisbwright/ Instagram

Actress Bonnie Wright and her partner Andrew Lococo held their March 2022 wedding at The Ecology Center, a farm and eco-friendly education center in San Juan Capistrano, California, Brides reports.

Wright is an actress and filmmaker best known for her role as Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Since then, she has established herself as an advocate for the environment, serving as a Greenpeace ambassador and publishing her recent book "Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet."

Her wedding reflected her concern for the planet, which is why she and Lococo chose The Ecology Center as their venue. According to the center's website, this beautiful 28-acre property hopes to change the culture around food and gardening by giving people hands-on experiences with growing plants. 

Brides.com reports that the center also grew most of the produce for Wright's wedding. 

"We admire everything that The Ecology Center stands for," Wright told Brides.com. "We loved the idea of being surrounded by bountiful growing nourishing plants as we said 'we do.'"

In keeping with this eco-friendly philosophy, Wright chose to wear a vintage wedding dress instead of a new one. Buying secondhand is an ideal way to keep beautiful clothing out of landfills and reduce the demand to create new items. 

"There are so many beautiful dresses already out in the world full of character and story," Wright told Brides.com.

The dress Wright chose was over 100 years old and needed some restoration before the big day.

"The dress didn't have the original underdress with it as it had likely perished — it being 100 years old!" Wright told the outlet. "So when I was first trying it on, it was completely see-through. It was quite funny having to imagine the underdress we would end up making for it."

Wright also chose a vintage hairpiece, organic makeup brands, and silver Prada shoes that were already in her closet.

"What made our day feel so free-flowing and fun was down to our relaxed planning attitude," Wright concluded when speaking to Brides.com. "We made sure everything felt like it reflected us and not traditions or what we thought we should do."

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