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Wild video shows how induction stove can boil a pot of water in a matter of seconds: 'Why is this not industry standard?'

"That's incredible!"

boiling water way faster, induction stove

Photo Credit: @dildobaggin069/ TikTok

"That's incredible!"

This is what one TikToker says in a viral post where they document a process of boiling water to make tea.

In the video, the TikToker is standing over the stove in his kitchen — which happens to be an induction stove

After showing that his burner was off and cool to the touch, he places an iron kettle on the cooktop with eight ounces of water inside. Then, they turn on the burner and set it to "power boil." It shows how, in real time — 40 seconds, to be exact — the water comes to a rolling boil.

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That's it. One kettle + 8 ounces of water + 40 seconds = a nice hot cup of tea. Is there a better equation than that?

Induction stoves are having their day in the sun, as people with an affinity for these ultra-efficient and climate-friendly appliances share their experiences. But what is induction cooking?

Induction stoves have glass-ceramic surfaces and look similar to modern electric models. The difference, though, is the way they heat. Induction stoves are capable of instantaneous heating (and rapid cooling) thanks to a special reaction between a current and the cooking vessel, which must be cast iron or stainless steel.

Thanks to the rapid heating mechanism, induction stoves use less electricity. That makes them a planet-friendly option for preparing food (or boiling water, as the above video shows). Since they cool down quickly, they're also safer in busy kitchens, creating less risk of burns.

Commenters were impressed by the video, with many remarking on the efficiency of the TikToker's induction stove.

"Why is this not industry standard?" says one commenter. "This is so much better and safer than a regular stovetop."

"Induction cooking is a game changer," writes another. 

One commenter, impressed by how quickly the water boils, writes, "A watched pot never....oh, nevermind."

These incredible, Earth-friendly stoves are the wave of the future. For a hot cooktop, we think they're pretty cool.

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