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Homeowner shares creative use for extra duster bags: 'I hate to throw these things out'

"This is a really good idea!"

"This is a really good idea!"

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From the food we buy at the grocery store, to toys, tools, and electronics, it seems like everything these days comes sealed in some form of single-use packaging that eventually winds up in the trash.

Bedding is no exception. Shortly after unwrapping your newly purchased bedding, its plastic or cloth bag packaging probably winds up in your garbage.

But don't throw away that bedsheet packaging just yet, because one user on Reddit recently shared how they reuse the packaging — and other users agree: It's genius.

The scoop

After complaining to their partner about how wasteful bedsheet packaging is, the author of the Reddit post was given a handy idea by them for reusing it.

"He had a great idea to repurpose them when traveling to store your shoes so they don't get dirt in your suitcase!" wrote the author. "I thought it was a great idea and had to share."

Awed and inspired by the simple hack, other users responded to the post by sharing other ways the bedsheet packaging could also be reused.

"I use them as gift bags. Get a contrasting satin ribbon on there and they look so pretty!" suggested one user. 

Another said: "I use mine as packing cubes for a towel and toiletries when traveling."

A painter said they use the packaging to carry their art supplies while traveling, and multiple quilters said they save the cloth bags as fabric scraps for sewing projects.

The most popular suggestion on the Reddit post was using the bags to store sex toys: "They're great for storing adult items, especially silicone that tends to attract dust and fuzz," someone explained.

How it's helping

Upcycling tips, like the one mentioned, provide an excellent solution for those looking to save money and time while also minimizing their environmental impact. It's crucial in reducing the amount of single-use waste that ends up in landfills and oceans.

Research has shown that almost 90% of single-use plastics wind up in landfills, while less than 10% is recycled. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the world produces approximately 440 million tons of plastic waste every year, of which 8 million tons end up polluting our oceans.

Single-use waste threatens the soil and water by releasing harmful, long-lasting chemicals. As single-use plastics degrade, tiny microplastics infiltrate land and marine ecosystems, including the deepest parts of the ocean.

Through upcycling, recycling, and embracing reusable alternatives such as bags, water bottles, and utensils, we can significantly reduce plastic pollution and protect our planet. For instance, by switching to reusable water bottles, an average of 156 plastic bottles could be kept out of landfills and oceans.

For further insights into best recycling practices, be sure to explore The Cool Down's recycling guide.

What everyone's saying

Users loved the author's idea to reuse the bags.

"This is a really good idea! I definitely have some pretty ones I was saving for a special use," replied one user in response to the zero-waste hack.

"Love this idea! I am currently using one of the cloth pouches to house my clothes pins that I use to frequently air dry my clothes," shared another user.

"Good idea," replied a third person. "I hate to throw these things out!"

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