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Farm owner issues warning after tragic but avoidable loss of cow: 'There are all of these good things you could do'

"I feel like people who have that mentality are never going to take responsibility for [their] actions."

"I feel like people who have that mentality are never going to take responsibility for [their] actions."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Balloon releases are a popular way to celebrate or commemorate loved ones, but the aftermath of these events isn't so great for the environment. 

TikToker Stratton Lane Farms (@strattonlanefarms) called attention to the negative aspects of balloon releases, explaining that one of the cows on her farm tragically died after suffocating on a balloon that had landed in its pasture. 


In a world where you can be anyrhing, be kind.

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In her video, the creator explains that she finds "bunches of balloons" floating onto her farm every year. Despite the environmental hazards caused by balloon releases, she said many people were dismissive when she brought it up and defended their right to grieve however they see fit.

"I feel like people who have that mentality are never going to take responsibility for [their] actions," she says.

"I can't fathom that when there are all of these good things that you could do … these good actions you could put out to the world that people choose to do a balloon release that does nothing but harm the environment around it," she adds. 

While the creator was understandably upset about the loss of her cow, she also took the opportunity to educate people about the harm associated with balloon releases. Many people just want to honor their loved ones and may not consider the environmental consequences of the event. 

However, balloons released into the air, intentionally or unintentionally, eventually land in waterways, gutters, or grazing areas, where animals can mistake them for food and potentially die from ingesting them. 

According to the Ocean Conservation Society, around 100,000 marine mammals die from swallowing plastic debris each year, some of which include Mylar and latex balloons. 

The University of Michigan also stated that Mylar balloons are nonbiodegradable, and latex balloons can take years to break down, polluting the environment with microplastics.

As the creator pointed out, there are plenty of ways to celebrate or remember your loved one that are kinder to the planet, such as planting flowers or trees, lighting candles, or blowing bubbles. 

The video struck a chord with many commenters, as several reconsidered doing a balloon release after watching it. 

Someone shared, "I admit I never thought about the wildlife/farm animals that might suffer from a balloon release! Never again!"

"We did sunflowers into the ocean for my cousin," one person commented.

Another praised the OP, writing, "Look at all these comments of people promising to do better. You're making a difference!"

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