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DIY expert shares why one kitchen staple is also 'the real MVP' of cleaning products: 'It doesn't matter what it's on'

This hack can also cut harmful chemicals out of your routine.

Baking soda cleaning hack

Photo Credit: @itsnicolejaques / Instagram

Baking soda is the absolute GOAT of cleaning products, and Instagrammer Nicole Jaques (@itsnicolejaques) proved it by sharing just three of the many, many reasons why

The scoop

In the Reel, Nicole breaks down three quick ways you can use baking soda for all your cleaning needs at home. 

First, she tackles rust. "It doesn't matter what it's on — sprinkle baking soda on top and then lemon juice and let it foam up for a few minutes," she says. "Then just wipe it clean, and the rust will come right off."

Yes, it's that simple. Next, she moves on to her stainless steel sink. In the video, she explains that the citric acid in the baking soda is what makes this hack so effective. A sprinkle of baking soda and a quick wipe-down is all it takes. 

Finally, Nicole moves to the bathroom to show you how to eliminate some odors. "Sprinkle baking soda on bath mats to alleviate that musty smell before putting them in the wash," she explains

How it's helping

A one-stop-shop hack like this is a great way to save money on expensive cleaners marketed toward single use (like bathroom cleaners). In 2017, it was estimated that the average American household spends up to $600 every year on cleaning supplies alone. Nicole's 15-pound bag in the video costs barely over $10

This hack can also cut harmful chemicals out of your routine. When we use chemical cleaners at home, those chemicals are introduced into the environment in two ways — washing down the drain into water supplies and evaporating into the air. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, cleaners rinsed down the drain pose a risk to aquatic life. Some cleaners, especially ones with phosphorus or nitrogen, can also contribute to nutrient-loading in bodies of water. These chemicals also biodegrade slowly or break down into even more toxic chemicals.

Aerosols also reduce the air quality in our homes and outdoors. Exposure to aerosols can cause a number of health problems, from mild irritation to serious damage to our liver, kidneys, and nervous system. 

What everyone's saying

Instagram users loved Nicole's quick tricks for baking soda. 

"Baking soda is like…the real mvp!!!!!!!" one user wrote. 

"Love this Nicole! Learn so much from you!" another commented. "👊🏼 gonna try the rust tip on my rusty barbecue grates."

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