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Proud homeowner shares before-and-after photos after rejuvenating their yard: '[It] was just a complete mess of weeds'

They said the garden project was "a labor of love" and that it was just the right size to maintain.

Proud homeowner shares before photos after rejuvenating their yard

Photo Credit: u/samdjr / Reddit

A homeowner has taken to Reddit to show off before-and-after pictures of their garden transformation, with some impressive results on display.

The post on the r/NoLawns subreddit has prompted a number of positive comments, with users noting that the rejuvenated yard is "beautiful," "so serene," and "full and lush." 

"The backyard was just a complete mess of weeds and grass with clay soil where nothing else would grow," the Redditor captioned the post. 

Photo Credit: u/samdjr / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/samdjr / Reddit

In the before picture, the yard featured a concrete patio and a seemingly overgrown area that led to a shed at the far end.

But step-by-step pictures revealed the stripping of existing plants and weeds, a new wooden deck, and the gradual growth of new plants on either side of a paving stone path, which also features plants thriving between the steps. 

They noted that creeping thyme was planted between the walking stones via seeds and plugs. 

"I've always liked the look of overgrown stone pathways, but most don't apparently," one user said

The Redditor said the garden project was "a labor of love" and that it was just the right size to maintain. 

Whatever outside space you have, planting trees, flowers, and vegetables can positively impact your health. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise from gardening activity can help to improve your mood and lower levels of stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, the time spent outdoors will lead to deeper breathing, which encourages better digestion and immune response while clearing out the lungs and increasing oxygen levels in the blood. 

Moreover, lush gardens can provide environmental benefits. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, providing better air quality around your home. Healthy soil and trees also provide a habitat for small creatures, allowing you to do your part to increase the biodiversity in your local area. 

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