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Lucky shopper scores set of All-Clad pans for ridiculously low cost: 'At that price? It's a steal'

The pans ended up costing the shopper only $4.99 each.

Shopper scores set of All-Clad pans for ridiculously low cost

Photo Credit: u/slamals / Reddit

A thrift shopper got lucky after finding All-Clad pans at an excellent price. 

The lucky shopper displayed the find on the growing subreddit community r/ThriftStoreHauls, which has 2.6 million members who actively share their thrift finds. 

"Needed some cleaning up but they look great now," the Redditor wrote

All-Clad pans
Photo Credit: u/slamals / Reddit

The Redditor expressed how the pans were only $4.99 each. All-Clad is a brand of high-end cookware with pans for more than $150. 

Thrifting can benefit buyers and the planet for several reasons, not all of which are well known by the general public. 

Most people are aware that buying secondhand items will usually save you money when compared to purchasing brand-new ones. 

Studies have shown that on average, thrifting can save shoppers $1,700 a year

But the less well-known benefits have to do with our planet. 

Considerable energy is needed to convert raw materials like silver and metal into products like the pots and pans featured above. 

This emits harmful pollutants that help heat up our planet and contaminate our air. 

Every year, around 7 million individuals die due to respiratory illnesses and other complications resulting from air pollution. Also, the disposal of metals creates significant pollution because of toxic properties that pose a major threat to the atmosphere and the overall environment. 

The majority of these discarded items ultimately find their way to landfills, where they decompose and release methane gas, which has a more powerful warming effect on the planet compared to carbon dioxide, which is released from factories and transportation and also heats the planet. 

By choosing secondhand items over new ones, we actively contribute to slowing down unnecessary manufacturing and prevent used goods from ending up in landfills, which slows down environmental pollution, which is good for all of us. 

Redditors had plenty to say.

"Wow!!! What a crazy steal!! Found two All Clads at Goodwill for 7 bucks each," one said.

Another showed their enthusiasm by saying, "Woohoo! Now you're cooking good! Glad you're enjoying them! They'll last forever well maintained and these look fantastic now that you've cleaned them up. Yay for thrift!" 

"Wow, All-Clad at that price? It's a steal! No warps? Clearly, it's time to up my thrift store game!" another added.

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