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Walmart wants to pay you for your old phones, tablets, and laptops — regardless of what condition they're in

"As long as your electronic item appears on our 'Model Name' list, we will accept it."

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Looking for a way to dispose of your used electronic devices that are better for the planet and can earn you some cash? Head over to Walmart's CExchange program.

That's right, retail giant Walmart is now leading the way in secondhand electronics — saving you money and keeping devices out of landfills. Here's how it works.

How does Walmart's CExchange program work?

Users can trade in their popular electronic devices, including old cell phones, tablets, video games and consoles, laptops, GPS units, MP3 players, and even cameras. The site lists devices by category and manufacturer and even lists potential trade-in value based on the condition of the device.

To trade in your item through the Walmart CExchange program, you need to first fill out the online appraisal forms (see this example). Then, you pack up your items and ship them to Walmart. Shipping is free, you just need to download the printing label and pack your items. 

Once received, the retailer appraises the items. It can take two to four weeks for items to be processed and for you to be paid. Payment is via a Walmart eGift Card that allows you to use the funds on Walmart.com and, if you're a Sam's Club member, on Samsclub.com.

The program accepts devices in virtually any condition — it designates items either as working and intact or broken or damaged. The condition of the item does impact its value, and the retailer will pay you accordingly. But even broken or damaged items can retain some value. 

"As long as your electronic item appears on our 'Model Name' list, we will accept it, irrespective of its condition or function," Walmart explains on its website

Consumers are encouraged to be sure they're accurately reflecting the condition of a damaged item when submitting the appraisal, so they get the most accurate estimate before they ship.

Walmart will either sell your used devices, route them for refurbishment, or, if it's damaged beyond repair, it will dispose of the items "in an environmentally responsible way," it says.

Why should I trade in my devices on Walmart's CExchange?

Trading in old electronics can clean out the clutter in your home or office while earning you some cash for new items. What's not to love about that? And let's face it, devices only last so long even when we take the best care of them. 

But tossing used electronics into the trash isn't realistic for anyone who cares about the planet. A startling 55 million tons of e-waste are generated globally every year. Sitting in a landfill, e-waste can release toxic chemicals that pollute the air and water, threatening human health and wildlife. 

If you can get paid to avoid that, why wouldn't you?

Are there similar programs to Walmart's CExchange?

Electronic device trade-in programs are growing by the day. Camera giant Nikon now offers a trade-in program for used cameras. GameStop offers trade-ins for games and electronic devices. And electronics and appliances giant Best Buy takes used devices back and even offers a trade-in calculator to help you get the most accurate value before you trade in your devices.

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