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This fashion company now sells high-end clothing at a fraction of the original cost — here's how much you can save

Buyers can browse the online catalog and purchase a piece they love.

Ulla Johnson Clothes

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Have a passion for fashion? Then you may know about Ulla Johnson, the New York–based label with a signature style. Ulla Johnson creates stunning streetwear from natural fibers, beautiful finishing, and thoughtful details, with rich colors and bold floral prints that turn heads.

"At Ulla Johnson, every collection is a celebration of Mother Nature, a tradition instilled by our deep appreciation for the world around us," describes the Ulla Johnson website.

If retail therapy at Ulla Johnson is your style, you'll be happy to know about the PreLoved program — an opportunity to pick up your future favorites at a fraction of the cost.

How does Ulla Johnson PreLoved work?

PreLoved offers a fresh start to old favorites. The PreLoved platform allows owners of Ulla Johnson pieces to extend the life of their garments by offering them for sale. Not only does this put a bit of money back into fashionistas' hands, but it diverts pieces from landfills and gives them a second life.

When you want to sell an item, you simply create a listing on the PreLoved site. The platform will provide a recommended listing price, though sellers can also set their own.

Buyers can browse the online catalog and purchase a piece they love. The seller receives a prepaid USPS label and can easily send the item to its new home. When the buyer receives the item, they confirm receipt, and funds are released as a payout (at 70% of the purchase price) or a gift card for the total value.

Why should I use Ulla Johnson PreLoved?

Fashion adds a touch of beauty to the world, yet it has an ugly side, too. The environmental impact of the clothing and textile industry cannot be ignored. That's why labels like Ulla Johnson work to lighten the impact in many ways such as sourcing and manufacturing, shipping and logistics, and extending the life cycle of garments.

Ulla Johnson is a label that takes on many environmental initiatives, including biodegradable packaging and hangers, responsible sourcing, and low-waste manufacturing, and its PreLoved program deepens this commitment.

Programs like PreLoved divert items from landfills by connecting owners with shoppers. A circular economy impacts fashion habits by shrinking the demand for new products and keeping items in closets and out of landfills. You no longer have to choose between the Earth and your vibe.

Are there programs similar to Ulla Johnson's?

Great news for eco-conscious fashionistas: The circular economy is catching on. Not only do hot brands like lululemon, Patagonia, and Levi's have platforms (and incentives) for selling pre-owned items, but there are other outlets for virtually any brand you can think of. 

Want to buy or sell great pre-owned items from a variety of labels? Check out Poshmark, ThredUp, or The RealReal to join the movement.

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