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Tesla unveils new sport seats for Model S Plaid to better handle its incredible power: 'I would pass out from that acceleration'

"I just spoke with a rep who told me I could retrofit these in my 24 X Plaid."

"I just spoke with a rep who told me I could retrofit these in my 24 X Plaid."

Photo Credit: Tesla

Tesla is making its car seats comfier for its speediest drivers.

The electric vehicle company announced that it will introduce sport seats for the Model S Plaid, which will effectively absorb the ridiculous 1.99-second 0-to-60 mph acceleration of the car, Electrek reported. So, when Model S Plaid drivers decide to take their family sedan for a spin at the racetrack, they'll feel far less pressure on their bodies.

These seats will employ modular architecture with 12-way power adjustability, ventilation, and heating to maximize support and comfort. The seats will also feature increased lateral support as well as high-performance suede that will account for expanded grip. "They obviously feature much more pronounced side support," Electrek noted.

Features such as these make Teslas more attractive to potential buyers, which in turn makes EVs more appealing for drivers — marking an important win for our planet's future. 

Since gas-guzzling vehicles emit a whopping 10,000 pounds of planet-warming carbon pollution from their tailpipes each year, switching to EVs is tremendously important for curbing our individual carbon footprints. After all, EVs release nothing from their non-existent tailpipes — and need less maintenance than gas-guzzling cars.

Tesla also has a number of other promising developments in the works, including the upcoming debut of the Roadster, the addition of autonomous braking that enhances the safety of vehicles, and rumored plans for a new affordable vehicle.

Electrek users shared their approval of the new seats in the comment section. 

"I just spoke with a rep who told me I could retrofit these in my 24 X Plaid," one wrote. "The seats in it now are lovely, but a sport seat would make launches and daily much more enjoyable. Thank you Tesla." 

"Those seats look nice. But zero to sixty under two seconds is insane. I would pass out from that acceleration," another noted.

"Amazing how Tesla just gives these features away for free. Even on AMG or M cars the sportiest seats are always thousands of dollars," a third user opined.

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