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Government officials in dialogue with Tesla to open new facility for EVs: 'We have had talks with producers from several countries'

"This will certainly lead to a decision by the group."

"This will certainly lead to a decision by the group."

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According to a report from Italian media and summarized by Electrek, the Italian government has advanced in talks with Tesla to support a factory to produce electric vehicles.

"According to some industrial sources," the report from Il Sole 24 Ore reads, "the Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy (Mimit) in recent weeks has actually deepened the dialogue with a possible new automotive manufacturer, but the news is that the most serious contacts would be with Elon Musk's Tesla for a possible production of electric trucks and/or vans, a line partly still in planning, and therefore not of cars."

"We have had talks with producers from several countries, not just eastern ones, but western ones too," Italy's Minister for Business, Adolfo Urso, said. "A German city rejected a plan for the large-scale expansion of Tesla's European assembly plant. This will certainly lead to a decision by the group."

However, Tesla's planned expansion of its Gigafactory Berlin was approved on May 16, potentially halting any expansion into other European markets. The approval does signal a growing interest in electric vehicle production across Europe, though.

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly affordable and reduce harmful emissions compared to traditional gas-powered cars. Research from the International Energy Agency, shared by Our World in Data, suggests there are more than 40 million electric vehicles on the road today. This number is set to increase by 17 million in 2024 alone, according to the IEA

Even as Tesla holds talks for a new facility in Italy, the company is aiming to make electric vehicles more affordable and efficient. Tesla has introduced a long-range Model Y that allows commuters to travel all week without charging. Tesla's electric Semi has been spotted operating for big companies in the United States. 

The announcement by Urso suggests that Tesla Semis could be produced in Europe as well as other vehicle types, including an unannounced van model, which leaked images show could be in testing.

Without concrete proof, though, users were skeptical of plans for a Tesla facility in Italy.

"These talks about Semi in Europe are a little bit strange since the Semi is reportedly not sized to european specs in any way," one person commented.

"I don't see why Italy would be courting Tesla over Stellantis for these vans," another said.

In Italy, electric vehicle sales have increased each year since 2018, with Tesla leading the pack. According to UNRAE, shared by Opportunity Energy, the Model Y was the top vehicle sold in the first quarter of 2023, nearly doubling the No. 2 auto, the Fiat 500e. 

While reports continue to guess where Tesla may build a new factory, electric vehicles are already on the streets, and your next car can be electric. Check out our guide to get started.

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