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Photos of Tesla Semis operating for Walmart, Costco stir speculations about production ramping up: 'Better late than never'

"This is really exciting news!"

"This is really exciting news!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

In 2017, Tesla announced its first electric truck, the Tesla Semi. The prospect of a vehicle operating on cleaner energy that could save the trucking industry money was hit by delays and complications. Now, photos of the Tesla Semi operating for different companies have stirred speculations that production is ramping up.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Accelerating.Tech (@AcceleratingTec) posted a series of images and video footage showing the Tesla Semi operating for Walmart. The video shows a car passing by the unique design of the Tesla Semi hauling a Walmart trailer.

"WALMART Electric Tesla Semi truck spotted in Stockton, CA!" the caption reads. "Is this their first test truck from Tesla?"

Another Tesla Semi was spotted pulling a Costco trailer in an image posted to Reddit.

After its initial announcement, the Tesla Semi was supposed to go into production in 2019. The new vehicle eventually did go into production in 2022, with PepsiCo taking the first deliveries. Last year, former Tonight Show host Jay Leno posted a video that took a deep dive into the Tesla Semi, providing a closer look at the vehicle and showcasing the statistic that Tesla had built about 70 Semis to that date in October 2023, as Electrek noted. 

Costco and Walmart join PepsiCo, Martin Brower, and Sysco as some of the large companies seen using the electric vehicle model.

Statista reports that, in 2022, heavy-duty vehicles contributed to 413 million metric tons (over 455 million U.S. tons) of heat-trapping gas pollution, which contributes to higher global temperatures and disastrous weather events. 

In 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency announced the Clean Trucks Plan, a set of regulations to reduce pollution from trucks and protect public health. One vital way to help with this goal is adopting electric vehicles for the trucking industry.

The Tesla Semi, a fully electric vehicle that boasts 500 miles on a single charge and unmatched speed to handle highway travel, can provide savings on fuel, reduced need for maintenance, and provide cleaner air

Production of the Tesla Semi could ramp up further, with plans to begin producing the vehicle in Germany. We could soon see more Tesla Semis on the road beyond hauling Walmart and Costco.

Inspired by major corporations making the switch to electric with Tesla's Semi, consumers can also participate in the shift toward sustainable transport by considering an electric vehicle for their next purchase.

The trucking industry is one of the most important in the U.S., bringing in $532.7 billion in revenue in 2022, according to Altexsoft. Trucking, both local and long-haul, helps with the delivery of numerous products that fuel our economy, including vehicles, dry goods, produce, and construction materials. 

"Bravo! It's late — very late, indeed — but better late than never. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a long overdue transition into sustainable transportation of goods," one Electrek reader commented.

"Wow, these 2 are major players!" a user said on Reddit.

"This is really exciting news!" another X user commented. "Semi-trucks are being disrupted quickly as well."

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