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With only 10 Cybertrucks delivered, drone footage reveals surprising scene outside Tesla Gigafactory: 'Love it or hate it'

"This beast is now in production and ramping up."

“This beast is now in production and ramping up.”

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Customers who hoped to have Tesla's Cybertruck by the end of the holiday season may have been disappointed when the automaker only delivered 10 at a launch event in November. 

Recent drone footage of manufacturing hub Gigafactory Texas created a more rosy outlook for the coming year, however, with Electrek's Fred Lambert reporting "a fleet of nearly 40 Cybertrucks" was seen on factory grounds by pilot Joe Tegtmeyer.

There are an estimated two million preorders for the futuristic-looking electric truck, according to Electrek, so the 19 orders Tegtmeyer tallied in the outbound lot is not a huge number when taking that into account. 

Yet, as the report pointed out, the activity "is a good sign that Tesla is actively ramping up production" and may indicate a "production rate of 1,000 Cybertrucks per week" early in 2024.

The Cybertruck has received attention as an eco-friendly alternative to pickup trucks, with the automaker saying the vehicle is able to tow "the equivalent of an average African elephant."

Demand for electric vehicles has been growing, with consumers saving money on EV purchases thanks to tax incentives. Considerations about the impact of dirty energy on our health and the environment have also played a role.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation produces 29% of all planet-warming pollution in the United States, and medium- and heavy-duty trucks account for 23% of that sector.

Like other EVs, the Cybertruck doesn't emit any pollution from a tailpipe.

While the appearance of Cybertruck isn't for everyone, the vehicle's apparent maneuverability — along with surprise features such as its ability to enter water — has appealed to drivers who want versatility and kept the truck's release a much-anticipated affair.

"As they are able to ramp up [production], the prices will come down. Maybe both of those will happen quickly," one person speculated in the comments section of the Electrek report. 

"Love it or hate it, this beast is now in production and ramping up. My thoughts are this will be the best-selling EV truck in the next couple years," another person wrote.

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