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EV driver shares photo after finding concerning scene at local charging station: 'Now someone might be stranded'

"I've seen a number of chargers that were obviously vandalized."

"I've seen a number of chargers that were obviously vandalized."

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A post on Reddit's r/electricvehicles community is charging up social media with a photo of a vandalized EV charging station.

The image — captioned "Dude! Where's may cable?" — shows an Electrify America charger in Sparks, Nevada, with both of its cables ripped clean off.

"So... How Often Does This Happen?" asks the original poster, who goes on to note that other local chargers and vehicles have been hit as well. The severed cables hang limply from the top of the charging stall, rendering it completely unusable for EV drivers who need a charge.

"I've seen a number of chargers that were obviously vandalized."
Photo Credit: Reddit

This callous act of vandalism doesn't just inconvenience electric vehicle owners — it also represents a troubling disregard for our planet.

Every EV on the road is a step towards a future with less reliance on dirty energy that hurts our air quality, especially for people with compromised respiratory systems. Attacking the infrastructure that makes this progress possible is an attack on that brighter future we're all working toward.

But the vandals messing with charging stations are messing with the wrong crowd. EV drivers are passionate advocates for positive change. They won't let a few bad actors slow down their collective momentum.

In the comment section, Reddit users were quick to voice their outrage:

"WTF is wrong with people that they cut the cables," one user said. "Now someone might be stranded."

Another EV driver said, "'People' do all kinds of stupid things. I'm not sure how 'easy' it is to safely cut a charging cable like that though. I'm hoping either the low ROI or Darwin will discourage doing it more than once."

"I've seen a number of chargers that were obviously vandalized — screen smashed, adapter broken, adapter missing, etc.," shared a third Redditor. "It's the kind of stuff a s*** head teenager or someone trying to 'own the libs' might do quickly and easily as walking by. Cutting it off at the top suggests someone was stealing the cable itself."

One thing's for sure — this shameful act has only galvanized the EV community's determination to drive the world forward. Damaged chargers can't stop the electric revolution

Together, we can keep working to protect our planet, one charge at a time.

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