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New survey reveals reasons behind Tesla's near-perfect customer retention rate: 'A few weeks ago I purchased my second'

Tesla demolished the competition when it came to brand retention.

Tesla demolished the competition when it came to brand retention.

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A new survey showed that Tesla demolished the competition when it came to brand retention.

Electrek reported that a Bloomberg poll found 87% of Tesla drivers said they're likely to pick another Tesla as their next car — a staggering 19 percentage points higher than the No. 2 company, Lexus. Toyota came in third with 54% retention, with Ford and Honda next with 53% and 51%.

The study also found that 81% of potential new Tesla buyers drive electric vehicles from rival companies. Additionally, Bloomberg projects that battery electric vehicle penetration will hit 25% by 2030.

Overall, BEV drivers are also much happier with their vehicles than those who drive gas-guzzlers. The survey found that 93% of BEV owners want to get another electric car when it's time to buy a new vehicle, whereas 34% of gasoline-powered car owners said they're considering upgrading to an EV.

Almost two-thirds of respondents said they're considering some kind of electric vehicle as their next car — 42% are considering BEVs, and another 23% are considering hybrids.

When EV owners stick with their EVs, it's a win for everyone. Drivers save tons of money on refueling their cars because of the relative cheapness of electricity, and their vehicles also have a much, much smaller carbon footprint, which means they're helping prevent further pollution from hitting the atmosphere on their commutes.

Tesla is helping lead the EV charge with a number of exciting developments. The company has unveiled plans to expand its operations worldwide, lower costs on certain models, and produce its most affordable option to date, which will help make EVs more accessible to drivers everywhere.

Electrek users sang Tesla's praises in the comment section. 

"A few weeks ago I purchased my second Tesla. I did consider other brands, but the Tesla price (including the fed incentive) and features are still the best deal for a small-midsize SUV," one said

Another wrote: "It's pretty simple really. Tesla cares about its buyers and invest in a charging network. Literally the only ev brand on earth that does this. I travel often through multiple european countries and it's downright magical to just get in, set a destination 3000km away and start driving with zero thought. When others have this, I will consider their cars."

"That's definitely me. I can't see myself driving anything else. It's like an iPhone type of thing, you try it once and you're locked in for life," a third user noted.

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