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New study reveals EV owners are staying loyal to Tesla: 'It's a big reason many will not switch'

Tesla's success in the U.S. and worldwide bodes well for the EV market.

Tesla’s success in the U.S. and worldwide bodes well for the EV market.

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A new study by S&P Global Mobility showed promising trends for Tesla and electric vehicle customers: They're so satisfied with their EVs that they show little interest in switching to new brands when it's time for their next car.

The study, which examined 12.6 million new vehicle registrations in the United States, showed that Tesla leads the pack regarding car brand loyalty, according to Electrek. The electric automaker had the strongest overall loyalty to make, highest conquest percentage, alternative powertrain loyalty to make, and ethnic market loyalty to make. (The overall loyalty to manufacturer, though, went to General Motors, although that was the only category that GM won.)

"Tesla's popularity in the BEV sector helped the brand to success in both the loyalty and conquest space," the study noted, adding that Tesla had previously won all four categories that it dominated this year. "The popularity of both the Model 3 and Model Y among current owners, along with the brand's ability to attract many ICE customers to the BEV space, contributed to Tesla's multiple awards for the second year in a row."

Tesla's success in the U.S. and worldwide bodes well for the EV market, which in turn is a good sign for the planet. From the production process to their driving time, EVs emit a fraction of the dangerous pollution that leads to the overheating of our planet compared to their gas-guzzling counterparts.

It's the latest in a series of promising developments for Tesla. The company plans to expand operations worldwide, streamline its production process via manufacturing improvements, and finally allow its customers to charge their EVs with solar energy.

Electrek readers explained their loyalty to Tesla in the comment section. 

"Think of the reasons someone buys an EV. That's why they buy another one. As far as Tesla brand loyalty goes, I would consider any EV. But in the US, I think Tesla has the most value and dependability and features I want," one user wrote

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"I feel like people are loyal to the Super Charger Network. It's a big reason many will not switch," another user noted.

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