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Tesla says its new battery technology will be cheaper than suppliers' cells by the end of the year

"Glad to see at least one US manufacturer succeeding in this crucial technology."

"Glad to see at least one US manufacturer succeeding in this crucial technology."

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The race to move away from dirty energy is not slowing down. On the contrary, it is inspiring more innovation.

Automotive and clean energy company Tesla is ramping up production of 4680 battery cells, which it projects will be cheaper compared to its suppliers by the end of 2024, as reported by Electrek. 

A recent release by Electrive details how Tesla possesses up to several weeks' worth of completed 4680 battery cells in its inventory, with one production line and one assembly line in operation.

According to data shared by the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, the transportation sector in 2021 was responsible for approximately 1.7 billion metric tons (about 1.87 billion tons) — or around 30% — of planet-warming carbon pollution in the United States, the highest of any sector in the national economy. Electric vehicles reduce the amount of harmful pollution in the air by as much as two-thirds in the U.S. 

Initially developed by Tesla for commercial EVs such as the Model Y, the 4680 battery cells can have more than five times the energy capacity (26000mAh) of other EV batteries. The 4680 battery cell itself uses less raw materials in the manufacturing process, as ELB Energy Group reported

Tesla aims to keep ramping up production of its own 4680 batteries and offer more cost-effective options by the end of the year

"4680 production increased about 18%, 20% over from Q4 — reaching greater than needed for Cybertruck, which is about 7-gigawatt hours per year as we posted on X,"  Tesla vice president of vehicle engineering Lars Moravy said, per Electrek. 

The increased production of 4680 battery cells signals a push for electrification by Tesla, which helps make energy-efficient vehicles more affordable for consumers, contributing to better air quality and overall health for communities

Many projects are already in development to encourage the transition to cleaner transportation, such as Indiana's first-of-its-kind quarter-mile road, which will be able to charge electric vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. 

As for Tesla, it has already launched products to make the cost of living easier for consumers, such as the Powerwall 3 home energy storage system. The company is currently using its 4680 battery cells in its Cybertrucks. 

"Glad to see at least one US manufacturer succeeding in this crucial technology," one commenter wrote in the comments section of the Electrek article.

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