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Tesla releases its 2023 impact report with remarkable stats — including minimal battery degradation and reduced fire risk

"One thing they can never duplicate is the epic change Tesla is making in the world."

"One thing they can never duplicate is the epic change Tesla is making in the world."

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After a record-breaking year of electric vehicle sales, Tesla has released its 2023 impact report that highlights its technological improvements and environmental benefits, according to Not a Tesla App.

The report showed that Tesla owners avoided releasing 20 million metric tons (over 22 million tons) of pollution by using electric vehicles instead of traditional power cars. Statistics also showed that Tesla vehicles are eight times less likely to catch fire compared to other vehicles in the United States. 

It also debunked concerns about battery degradation by highlighting that Tesla batteries degrade by only 15% after 200,000 miles. While this is slightly worse than the 2022 report, which saw 12% battery degradation, this is still great compared to the average vehicle lifespan, which is approximately 200,000 miles, according to Cascade Collision Repair.

"In pursuit of our mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, we build products that are designed to replace some of the planet's biggest polluters," the report overview reads. "Every product we sell helps owners lower emissions."

Notably, the report omitted previously recorded goals to produce 20 million electric vehicles by 2030 in the new report, according to Bloomberg. This could be because Musk wants to focus on autonomous EVs, such as the anticipated Robotaxi, which is reported to be nearly eight times safer in autopilot than a human-piloted vehicle, per Not a Tesla App.

Tesla, owned by CEO Elon Musk, shared a summary of its report on X, formerly known as Twitter.

While there are still some concerns over the company's minimization of carbonization in the supply of vehicle parts, as Lead the Charge explained, this report shows promising change towards affordable transportation that reduces the risk of weather disasters, waste, and reliance on dirty energy.

With tax incentives and credits, buying an electric vehicle is becoming much more affordable.  According to the report, the cost per 60,000 miles and five years with the Tesla Model Y can save up to $28,200 over a BMW X3, showcasing its savings value over other EVs.

In addition to improvements in its vehicle technology, Tesla is helping to achieve its goals of accelerating "the world's transition to sustainable energy" by investing in other technology, including solar power, energy storage, and battery packs.

"We design and manufacture a fully integrated ecosystem for energy and transportation," the article on X read. "Our products work together to maximize their impact. … Our mission is not just about the future of our planet, but also about preventing over 8 million premature deaths each year caused by pollution from burning fossil fuels."

"One thing they can never duplicate is the epic change Tesla is making in the world," one user commented.

"YOU HAVE BEEN accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy, AND YOU WILL!" commented another user.

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