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Target worker sparks debate with photo of online delivery order: 'They could've had other items with it...'

"This is such a huge waste."

"This is such a huge waste."

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A Reddit user recently posted a picture that shows the overuse of packaging for items that could be delivered using much less. In the photo, a single Reese's Peanut Butter Egg rests in a box that could have fit dozens. 

The post is titled, "This stuff pisses me off," while the caption reads, "This is such a huge waste. I absolutely hate it."

"This is such a huge waste."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The overuse of packaging for items that clearly don't require it has been a point of contention since online shopping has become more prevalent. 

The pic was posted on a subreddit that says it's "created by Target employees for Target employees." It should be pointed out that the subreddit explicitly states that it is "neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Target Corporation."

Despite the excessive packaging shown in the photo posted to Reddit, Target appears to be trying to reduce packaging that will end up in landfills. In March 2022, the company launched Target Zero, an initiative aiming to promote products that come in packaging that is refillable, reusable, compostable, or made from recycled materials.

The Reddit photo is just one of multiple posts showing the company — which is far from alone in partaking in the practice — using outsized boxes to ship items, filling the empty space with plastic packaging.

Consumers have long criticized Amazon for its excessive packaging, compelling the company to appear to make an effort to cut down in recent months.

Packaging currently accounts for nearly a third of solid waste in the United States.

All that said, responsibility for packaging waste of this nature also falls on the consumer. Target could develop more low-waste packaging options for smaller-sized orders, but ordering a single Reese's Egg to be delivered is just as irresponsible as the packaging. 

As far as the OP's post goes, one person commented, "They could've had other items with it that got INF'd (Item Not Found). If a Guest places a Ship order, Target will keep pushing the order to stores until the entire order is Fulfilled. If they order 5 things, and 1 thing gets NF'd at each store, the guest is getting 5 separate boxes from [any of] 56 separate stores."

Another Reddit user who works at a big-box store commented, "I've had to put a singular packet of Koolaid in a box before. Or one of those tiny little 3 inch Hearth and Hand fake twigs."

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